Somewhere With a Smile

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The pure word is more valuable than dry gold, the honeydews transmit diamonds through the vibration of the universe. We cleanse the skin with the tears of honour that are shed on the dust of oblivion, we open new roads that lead to the valley of celebrities where joy and abundance flourish.


Everything changes in the space of mystical energy, we are born, we grow old and disappear in another form of life energy. Power comes from the wisdom of knowledge, we share emotions in the free-will market and become something more than reality.

Where the purpose of the truth is missing if profit is the only measure of success, where the love line has gone when we feel passion instead of the true emotions. We sell stories that raise libido and ego up to heavenly heights, leaving traces of errors in records of wisdom.

We have moments that are given to us to overcome the illusion of life, our time is a blessing for the development of spiritual growth. Consequences of feeling give the curves of the representations of our consciousness, the objective truth passes through the door of love inspiration.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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