The Beginning of Wisdom is Overcoming Fear and Guilt

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The past is very difficult to carry, erase it, we have new goals ahead of us, priorities are changing. The feeling of guilt is based on the past, it is a big problem because we carry negative emotions, we carry the burden with us, we cannot change the past. You made mistakes, you made mistakes, forget the difficult moments, go ahead. Worrying, what will happen tomorrow, the future, 90% of our fears never happen, the point is that we do not think negatively, that we do not enter the field of fears, they block our development, progress. We need to think only about this moment, to make our goals, priorities, strategies, to distribute all our responsibilities in private and private importance, the balance between our desires and value system is what we need to succeed. When we achieve one goal, cross it out and write down a new one, it is life, it is a path that always requires us to change, to learn, to progress. Shortcuts exist only with realized knowledge, tricks do not help for top results in life, we have to take steps in order and that requires our time and dedicated work.


I am free when I feel beautiful when I do not carry guilt with me, I am free when I do not think timidly about the future, but I work and give 110% of my potential to the present moment, to the present day. The wisdom is to get the most out of every mistake, to use every piece of advice and information that raises us to a higher level of awareness, knowledge, and success. Success is when morality is the foundation of our values when we look at positive messages and emotions in everything when love dominates everything we do. Wisdom is when I go the first path that is built based on my value system, my dreams, beliefs and sincere heart.

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We only the moment we are still breathing because the next step, we don't have any idea and that is we must every day as if is our last day on earth.

Be persistent

Indeed we need to" think only about this moment" because it gives hope of our goals and vision but thinking about the past only brings guilt and regret and thinking about the future causes fear. Thanks alot @dobartim you have really inspired me

You are welcome

wise words and very useful advice, which help us to advance in our day to day ... thanks


In connection with the above article, I have the following 6 questions. Maybe can answer or anyone can answer as part of us processing knowledge to guide our lives. The questions are as follows;
First, "What is closest to ourselves?"
Second, "What is the furthest from ourselves?"
Third, "What is the greatest in this world?"
Fourth, "What is the heaviest thing on earth?"
Fifth, "What is the lightest thing in the world?"
Sixth, "What is the sharpest thing in the world?"

See you!

Great questions.

Muy buen escrito


I love it! Very much agree, excellent reflection @dobartin, love, dedication and commitment is what it takes to move forward in life....


Your message is a much more valuable piece of advice and counceling to the willing and to the depressed. I have been in an emotional stress but though haven gotten some advise from friends and adding to yours i see no reason to be pecimistic about everything but to learn from my mistakes and kick forward. Thanks sir

See you at the top

Hello sir very nyc post i likes your artilces and i request you plz support me sir and upvote me thankyou sir

Welcome to discord channel

Thank you sir

Be on live class with us, learn and make progress.