The Mystique of Life

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The entertainment program and the show events give hope to those who believe in positive energy, everything is made to pay our time for little material happiness. You are above rules and laws, you are a honey lady with words of cheerful wisdom.


You opened the gates of time for new romantic roads in the wonderful oasis of joy, enjoying the fruits of imaginative creators who gave us light above the fog. Give me a smile with a kiss of enthusiasm because I want your touch as a reminder for pure emotions.

Every obstacle is a challenge that requires the best talents and abilities us. Transform your spirit of power, initiate a powerful enthusiasm, and achieve modern high-awareness goals. The melody of new love touches the imagination of emotions, we are the perfect couple for the destiny of future victories.

Life is a fairy tale with crazy fun and serious challenges of happiness and sorrow, go through temptations with faith in a better future, and gentle truths of love winds. Never forget true love and always remember it.


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I always get motivated reading your article and it provides me the fuel to do a lot more in my life. The things that challenge us also change us. @dobartim keep motivating.


Your lines are always inspiring @dobartim


I really love the caption "yes over no equals life" this is really a hope for a better and bright future @dorbatim you are really a great man indeed and I love the possibility you show people on positivity even in the phase of negativity

Always be positive