The School of Success Comes After the Experience of Fall

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Success is built on the foundations of experience that comes from solving and overcoming obstacles on the way to achieving the goal. An open and clear road without obstacles does not exist, there are only sections of the road that we cross without obstacles, the essence is that we grow on the wings of new knowledge that we gain with experience. The romantic part of success is the knowledge that gives us choice and the power to see obstacles and possible problems so that with a good plan we can overcome a large part of obstacles in advance. There is no ideal place and time to learn and progress, the time and place are always now, and the present is the best time to move forward. We can open a new chapter of our lives with changes that will open up new dimensions and horizons for choosing new goals. Sometimes injuries from obstacles are difficult and painful, but we need to move forward because the faster we move forward, the more our immunity to injuries increases and our enthusiasm becomes the fulfillment of our feelings.


We become powerful only with experience that we put into practice, knowledge is power when applied.

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Highly motivational.