Victory is in Constant Change

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There is no victory without defeat, many failures lead us to perfection, in essence, we are moving towards perfection, but it is an illusion because we can always be better. We are constantly looking for new challenges, certainly, our task is first to have a healthy foundation, and that is health, because when we are healthy then we have the energy to achieve great ambitions. Mark Cuban and GaryVee agree that NFT is a new generation of evolution in business, simply the application of NFT Coin will be in wide areas. Technology is changing, business logic is changing, science is evolving, people are living much faster, whoever doesn't catch the rhythm is failing. Does all this make sense if we lose peace if we forget moral norms, spiritual sources, is life worth achieving material success, and at what price? Money is not evil, people and their decisions about what they do with money can be good or bad, if material success supports spiritual development then it is a synergy that is blessed. Our deepest feelings, the original record of our soul needs to be awakened, our purpose is to find our life mission for whom we were born. Being better than the previous self in moral and spiritual values ​​is the greatest virtue, no matter how much the world changes and we need to change, but only for the better.


Do you believe in yourself, do you believe that you can achieve material success, to be a leader to follow, do you work on your habits, way of thinking, a character that will show leadership manners. There is no happiness in our work, the more we work, the more we progress and the happier we are. Our victory is the first when it is turned towards us, towards the shortcomings that we overcome, towards our character that becomes a lighthouse for others. We are winners in many battles, it is important that every day we are closer to the idea of ​​perfection for which we were born.

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This is one of the best write up I have ever read in my life, even in our Christianity life, money is needed. Paying of title is from your earning and you can exhibit this action without having money. NFT is the change we have been craving for and this is the best opportunity to embrace it and make it ours.

Thank you friend

This is really touching .. knowing that "only those that are persistent reach the goal"Realizing the power of change I believe to succeed one has to creative and set up goals to achieve..

It all depends on us, our commitment.

Please I need your mentorship in this Noble platform

Follow @dobartim on discord link he is always ready to mentor you.

believing in ourselves is surely the gateway to success

Yes it is

Jesús le dijo Josué, "Esfuérzate y se valiente"
Muy buena publicación, te felicito