Why Wealth is an Illusion

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For everyone, wealth, happiness, fulfilment, and fulfilment of dreams, represents a different vision, each of us has a different way of thinking, value system, etc. Wealth is just one big illusion, if we are talking about financial freedom, that you can have enough money to travel, to make your dreams come true, then it is something else, it can be achieved with much less money. Everyone has different visions, and desires, and yet we are all united by a sense of joy, happiness and wealth, love is something sublime and associated with sincere emotions in all interpersonal relationships. For me, it is a treasure when I can help others to become happy, have a smile on their face, realize their full potential, and develop their business. People make deeds, and a small number of people live on the foundations of honour, where money cannot cross the line of its moral norms, for someone it is more important than life. I know a lot of rich people who are not happy, and I know a lot of young people who don’t believe in themselves, and who have given up on their visions.


Each of us needs to find our personal potential, talents, and inclinations, to improve and achieve daily goals, small steps lead to magnificence.

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Food for thought

See you at the top

Thank you,I can't wait to get there

I agree many rich people are not happy perhaps they have no love in their life, love is bond to make us happy rather than wealth. I still believe in it. I am very happy to know that you have helping nature that its treasure for you after seeing smile on others faces. For you legends money is really illusion

I like it! Wealth means different things to different people, it can divide us and it can bring us together. Happiness, and therewith true wealth to me is simply a matter of devotion to my own passions. Steem on!