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Buenas Noches promosteemer steemians!


STEEMIT has already been part of our daily routine. Not only because we can earn from it but it taught us to value the money and invest. At first, I always withdraw my earnings but on the latter part, I came to realize that I need to save it and just use it whenever there is an emergency. And I also power up some of it so I could delegate and return the goodness the platform has shown me. Delegating for me is a form of longterm since the more you delegated, the more steempower or steem will come back to your wallet. And if you also power up, it is not useless because the more steempower you have, the more power and the more points you could support to other steemians. The best part aside from my learnings about investment is that I learn how to minggle others and learned that the people were very supportive in each entries. I also learn how to be patiently waiting my luck, be contented of what I receive and most especially I learn how to accept whatever result on my post whenever it got support or not. And the best part was I learn how to organize my thoughts and put it into writing, and lastly my english skills was slowly developed. And I know, there were still lot of good things here in steemit that I wasn't able to discover, I know for sure that someday, I will be able to discover it as I continue studying the platform.

Many advantages we can get from this. But, what if we were not able to save all our password?#

Guys, please tell your invites that it is a BIG NO NO. They should secure first all the password because that were the only key for you to transact and get into the platform. and I will just discuss you some of them.


This password is used whenever you wanted to post on your account, and this is for commenting and replying also.


This is very important whenever you wanted to transact money. So, if it will be lost you cannot withdraw, power up and delegate you steem, steempower, and steem dollar. And that is really a sad story!


Eppp! Eppp! Don't lose hope, if there is a problem there is always a way. If you had lost both your active and posting key, and you are able to save your master password, lucky of you. Since this password can transact everything. It can perform active and posting key duty. You can also retrieve all your passwords using this.

FAMILIAR WITH TRX? But no password on this?

Just this year, I came back and be active again in this platform after 2 years of being inactive, there is a new keys to be saved. And that is the TRON/TRX. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save mine. At first I don't mine it not having and saving my TRX KEYS but just last 2 months I guess, mam @traderpaw discovered that we can powerup our trx. And I was like, oh my God, I had I guess 400trx but I cannot use it since I don't have the keys. I tried ti contact mam @cryptokannon and ask her what were the possible procedure so I could retrieve all my TRX keys, then she just just answered me if I didn't save any, better I will say goodbye to them. At first, it was so hard for me to accept. So, I tried to discover all by myself how could I make my new TRON account so I could benefit the TRX given to me. And there, using my master key, I was able to make new TRON ACCOUNT with the help of mam @rosevillariasa.


And just this week mam @fabio2614, our financial adviser told us that the TRX value slowly arising and from cents before, it reacher 5php already today. And my colleagues were very worried about their TRX eapecially mam @abby0207 because she already had he 400trx but wasn't able to save her TRON passwords just like mine. So, I just advised her to say goodbye to it, accept the fact that she can no longer claim it so that she can pursue her journey and create her new TRX account.


So, together with mam @fabio2614, and mam @bisayakalog we had a tutorial and tried to teach mam @abby0207 on how to create new TRON ACCOUT.



Step 1:


Go to your steemit wallet, sign in using your active key and on the center part click CREATE NEW TRON ACCOUNT

Step 2:



Step 3:

Once this one will appear, go to your downloads and double check whether the PDF stated was already saved. If it was downloaded, click PDF SECURELY SAVED.

Step 4:

Go back to your downloaded PDF and make sure to save your TRON PUBLIC AND PRIVATE key on a safe place and with a back up copy.



If you will go back to your TRX wallet, all your trx will be gone because you are already using your new TRON account. But good thing, if you are able to find your old TRON passwords, you can still retrieve your previous TRX by just linking your NEW TRX ACCOUNT to your old one.

So, in every situation and wrong move, there is always a lesson behind. So, if we learn how to say goodbye to the old ones we will be moving on happily and motivated. At least, as early as today we could make our new TRON ACCOUNT so that the newest TRX will get in to your new created one.

That would be all for now, I hope I was able to help you create your new TRON ACCOUNT especially those steemians who wasn't able to save their TRON Passwords.

Special Regards to:
Promosteem Sponsors

PromoSteem Team


My Advicer

My Steemit Friends

My Recruits/Students

The Explorer,



About the Author

Aloha! @kyrie1234 is a Public Highschool Teacher handling in Grade 9 Math. She is the adviser of Grade 9- Special Science Class. She has a daughter who is 2 years old. She loves to explore the world and see its wonders. She wants to learn cooking and baking. She also loves different artworks and admires them. Again, thank you for the support.

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wow! Amazing... Thank you so much for the recognition

Thank you for this very informative article maam. Karon pjud ko kahibaw nga pwede d i ug gamit pd d.i ang uban password

yes dam... Lahi2 jud ilang gamit...

goodbye old..back to zero again🙃

mao lage... Peru sage lng at least sayo ta nakabalo


Salamat miga may unta mabalik nato ako pod. Hehe

dli najud to mabalik mam if dli nimu makit an imo old passwords

Nag try ko open tron account balik te @kyrie1234 kaso dili ko ka create . Huhuhu

nganu man?