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Nutbox是面向社区的一站式DAO(去中心化自治组织)工厂,为非技术创始人提供一系列工具组件(Crowd-staking、DApp Factory、DAO Governance Factory),使其轻松创建自己的DAO平台。
Nutbox is a one-stop DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) factory for the communities, providing a series of tool components (Crowd-staking, DApp Factory, DAO Governance Factory) for non-technical founders to easily create their own DAO platforms.

官网 Official Website:https://nutbox.io

Peanut delegation review | Peanut 代理速览


  1. TVL Overview | 锁仓量增长概况


  1. UG trend | 用户增长概况


The scale of Peanut delegation pool is expanding to 6,171,208 SP, which comes from 282 elegatees.
Peanut is owned by every delegatee and Peanut’s liability holder. If you delegate your SP to Peanut, you will get PNUT. Peanut现有代理成员 282 位,合记有效SP总数 6,171,208 SP。Peanut为代理成员所有,代理给Peanut将获得PNUT。

【For detailed distribution rules, please refer to the document 详细分发规则可参考文档】: https://docs.nutbox.io

【Delegation manual代理教程】: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox.mine/the-new-ui-of-nutbox-is-about-to-online-and-the-tutorial-of-new-ui

Development update | 开发进度

Completed | 已完成

  1. Product that Nutbox supports the community to participate in Crowdloan has completed the final test for docking with the Kusuma testnet. Once the Kusuma testnet starts the parachain auction, it will be launched as soon as possible, including: | Nutbox支持社区参与Crowdloan的产品完成了对接Kusuma测试网的最后测试,一旦Kusuma测试网启动平行链竞拍便会第一时间上线,其中包含:
    • Updated the local Docker test environment based on the Rococo branch | 更新了本地基于Rococo分支建立的的Docker测试环境;
    • Practiced multi-community Crowdloan voting and data export | 演练了多社区Crowdloan投票以及数据导出;
    • Tested the function of Nutbox Crowdloan in TP wallet and other apps to ensure that it can run normally in the mobile environment | 测试了Nutbox Crowdloan在TP钱包等App的功能确保能正常运行于在移动端环境。
  2. Discussed and determined the Nutbox V2 technical implementation plan "Nutbox V2 Implementation Guide" | 研讨并确定了Nutbox V2技术实施方案《Nutbox V2 Implementation Guide》;
  3. Further improved the Nutbox official website | 进一步完善了Nutbox官网。

In progress | 进行中

  1. Rebuild Nutbox V2 staking mining contract | 重构Nutbox V2质押挖矿合约;
  2. Develop Nutbox Blog website docking WeChat login function| 开发Nutbox Blog网站对接微信登录功能。

To do | 计划中

  • To develop the Nutbox V2 asset registration contract based on the Nutbox V2 plan | 根据Nutbox V2方案开发Nutbox V2资产注册合约;
  • To develop community version of Polkadot validator node voting | 开发Polkadot验证者节点投票社区版;
  • To implement relevant technical modules for Nutbox's next round of PNUT airdrop | 为Nutbox下一轮PNUT空投实现相关技术模块。

Operation overview | 运营概览

Globle ambassador program | 全球大使计划

Nutbox has 6 ambassadors around the world, dedicated to the development and promotion of Nutbox in different regions. The 6 ambassadors made the following contributions this week, thanks for all your work😊 | Nutbox在全球共有6位大使,致力于Nutbox在不同地区的发展与推广。本周6位大使做了如下贡献,感谢大使们的工作😊

  1. @happycapital【Korean】
    • Submitted PNUT listing proposal for 6 Korean exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, GOPAX, Hanbitco) and 2 crypto statistic sites (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko) | 向6家韩国交易所(Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, GOPAX, Hanbitco) 和2家加密统计平台(CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko)提交PNUT上所申请👏;
    • Translated the announcements from Nutbox | 翻译Nutbox当周的宣发内容;
  2. @abcallen【China】:
    • Wrote a Nutbox tutorial | 撰写Nutbox教程一篇;
    • Promoted the development of Nutbox through the fourth course of Steemit Academy. | 通过Steemit学院第四期课程推动Nutbox的发展;
  3. @ale.aristeguieta【Venezuela】:
    • Published a total of 20 Nutbox-related articles on Medium, Torum, Steemit, Hive, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter | 在Medium、Torum、Steemit、Hive、Facebook、Instagram、Twitter平台发布共计20篇与Nutbox相关的文章;
    • Developed Clan Community to 50 followers and 385 readers on Torum | 所运营的Nutbox Torum频道和Clan社区粉丝超400人👍
  4. @bsfmalaysia【Malaysia】:
    • Reached the cooperation between Nutbox and offline stores | 推进并达成Nutbox与线下商店的合作;
    • The number of subscribers on Nutbox Quora channel exceeded 200+ | 所运营的Nutbox Quora频道订阅者突破200+👍
  5. @lnakuma【America】:
    • Published Nutbox-related articles on STEEM, HIVE, Matters, Torum and Publish0x | 持续在STEEM、HIVE、Matters、Torum和Publish0x等平台发布与Nutbox相关文章;
    • Translated the announcements from Nutbox | 翻译Nutbox当周的宣发内容。

【How to become Nutbox ambassador 如何申请成为大使】:https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox.mine/nutbox-global-ambassador-program-or-nutbox

Community overview | 社区数据


Community & Ecosystem | 社区及生态

  1. Nutbox and the BML community are advancing strategic cooperation and intend to conduct in-depth cooperation in Crowdloan business, product announcements, community operations, etc. | Nutbox与BML社区正推进双方的战略合作,拟在Crowdloan业务、产品宣发、社群运营和发展等方面展开深入合作。

Activity | 活动播报

Offline Activity | 线下活动

  1. 【Talk about DAO | 坐而论DAO】Nutbox will hold a series of activities of "Talk about DAO" regularly. The first event will be held at 19:30-21:30 on May 12 in jiaozi financial and technological center, Chengdu. Welcome to talk about DAO. | Nutbox将定期举办“坐而论DAO”系列活动,首期活动将于5月12日19:30-21:30在成都市交子金融科技中心-A座进行,欢迎一起坐而论DAO。

Online Activity | 线上活动

  1. 【WhereIn Airdrop Plan | WhereIn空投计划】https://blog.nutbox.io/@wherein/150k-pnut-airdrop-for-all-cnstm-and-wherein-token-hodler-or-wherein-and-cnstm-15-pnut
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**Thanks, team! excellent work! **

Keep it growing!

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Awesome job, everybody!!!

Hi @nutbox

I want to contribute even more and I now want to announce that @xpilar.witness is mine and that I am running this witness

I see that I have voted for you and will ask you the same thing

You are the amazing @nutbox
Must appreciate my work i am new Ambassador from Pakistan 🇵🇰


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Good job