Nitro Strawberry Stout - Shake before use...

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Normally Saturday is Stout day but due to some circumstances (a stomach bug I caught from babysitting Toddler Sam), I had to drink it today (Sunday).


I picked up this Strawberry Nitro Stout last week when I went shopping at my local beer shop.

I'm always up for trying new Stouts and this one looked interesting.

Not only because of the colorful pink bottle but also because of the Nitrogen.


It's a fairly light stout at only 8,5% which normally is a bit too weak for my taste so I was hoping the specialness of the Nitrogen would make up for it.

Screenshot 2019-12-22 at 17.27.33.png

For the people that don't read Dutch gibberish it says:

"Shake before use to release the Nitrogen and it will taste like a full Strawberry Milkshake".

Shaking a bottle of beer in my office next to all my expensive equipment seemed like a very bad idea.

So I went to the kitchen gave the bottle a good shake and opened it.....

And as expected....straight away the bottle started to spray foam all around like an overexcited teenager...

About 10% was lost within seconds.

I quickly redirected the bottle to the glass and saved the rest.

This was the last time I'll shake a bottle....what a terrible idea.


The stout was as black as they come with a beautiful solid foam layer (must be from the Nitrogen).

On the nose, it has a roasted fruity flavor but it's not very strong.

I took a sip.


It has a small hint of strawberry but the beer itself is very watery.

I like stouts to be full and thick, maybe oily even and they should make you feel like you are being punched in the mouth by awesomeness.

Not this time.

Besides being watery it also has no body and therefore the taste disappears very fast.

What a shame. It's from the same maker as the Coffee Connaisseur, moi? 13% Coffee Stout I had last week and that one was out of this world excellent.

They also have the same price.

This Nitro Strawberry Stout is a limited edition from 2018 and a fun idea but that is what it should stay at.

Hopefully, I have more luck next week!

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Lol, I just can't imagine shaking one before opening it!

oily even and they should make you feel like you are being punched in the mouth by awesomeness.

And that's just how I prefer them too!

the shaking is a trick! lol, don't fall for it.

Yeah, heavy oily Stouts are great, especially in the wintertime!

But now you know. When buying a beer, if the bottle states "shake before opening", simply leave it on the shelf.


Looks nice, but looks like it lacks the abv that good stouts usually have

That’s what I’ll try to brew lol )

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Hey @exyle thanks for the upvote and Merry Christmas to you and family (with Stout hope 😁😂)

Thanks! Same to you!

There is nothing worse than a watery stout.

This beer just sounds like a poorly executed gimmick. What a shame.

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Keep up the good work buddy hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year here's a early Christmas present it's not much lol 😂👍🏾 $trdo

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I learned a new word today. Did not know about that kind of product. We had once a black beer in our beer market, but the bottle was transparent. You knew what you were getting.

I've seen you all over the platform! Shame on me for not coming to your page sooner. I thought stomach bugs were only for us travelers! haha. Hope you are feeling better, and smart move going to the kitchen with that beer.

Following, up-voted, and voting for your witness!

Happy Holidays!


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That sounds absolutely banging!

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If you ever get a chance you should check out the brews from Rochester Mills Brewery. They have a full line of milkshake stouts. One of my in-laws got a whole case of the different flavors for Christmas. It was like sampler pack.

@exyle, Hope that your Mouth is punched by Awesomeness then. Your expression is reflecting the excitement brother. Enjoy your Stout Time and stay blessed.