Weekly Curation Report by Team Millionaire - Week 4 January 2023

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Greetings fellow Steeminians.

As every week, we have the duty to present our management as curators of the "Millionaire Team" role that we have fulfilled with the commitment and responsibility it deserves with the firm purpose of supporting the different dynamics and contests seeking to promote activities for the welfare of the community and platform.

It has been a period with good dynamics, in general we could see a diversity of interesting contests to promote good content and get good rewards. Although users were participating massively in the contests related to the challenges during communities, they were willing to participate in other contests promoted this week, so it was a pleasure to provide objective support to these activities, always bearing in mind that we take into account the basic requirements shown in the curation guide, which highlights the following:

  • Be original, plagiarism of content is not accepted, information taken from the internet must be correctly referenced to the source.
  • Preferably you should be within the investment clubs, i.e. at least 50%, 75% or 100% of your rewards are transformed into Steem Power.
  • The content must be exclusive to Steemit
  • Users should not submit SP delegations in exchange for voting services.

In the following report we can observe the work carried out during the third week of January, there we share the performance of each day, in addition to the different users and communities that were supported by the "Millionaire Team", with a detailed summary that you can view on the sheet linked at the end of the post.

Without further ado, we present the summary of what was this period of curatorship of the Millionaire Team.


During the period from 01/18/2022 to 01/24/2023, we managed to visit all active contests on the platform, among them we supported 157 publications and 41 good quality comments. . Below is a table of supported publications and comments according to the club to which the user belongs.

N° of Publications Supported: 157
N° of Comments Supported: 41

Below is the summary of support by content type, with #contest remaining the most used hashtag, followed by #steemexclusive

Below we present the number of users by "nationality" that were supported by the team during this period. In total there were 20 countries that are related to contests with good themes.

To wrap up our curation roundup, we'd like to let you know about the 30 communities we've supported this week, as we found a fair number of quality posts in them.


Comments from our team:


Wednesday 18/01/2023: @fredquantum
The day was quite a good one populated with quality new contests, unlike my last schedule which has more ended contest announcements. That being said, in my own opinion I will like to suggest to contest organizers to encourage their participants to make their articles attain a minimum of 300 words.
Even if it was a drawing or photography contest yet it can be made creative to have enough wording, this can be considered a criterion for winner selection. I ignored some contest winners because they barely have 100 words in the article.

Thursday 19/01/2023: @irawandedy
Week 4 with the Millionaires Team continues to give a positive impression that triggers me to continue to grow and develop on this platform, I'm happy with the Millionaires Team with a great composition of users in various countries.
From the curation statistics that I live, this week there was an increase in curation to 21 posts that I curated and added with the support of positive comments as many as 6 comments, the prevalence of votes that I use for comments is in the range of 5% - 10%.
I am trying to distribute SC03 votes to various accounts with diverse community backgrounds, the curation principle is still guided by the curation guide published by the Millionaires Team in the first week of January 2023. On the other hand, the percentage of votes varies greatly, for example club status, #burnsteem is the basic benchmark in provide support, I also differentiate support for contest organizers who provide prizes in the form of Steem Power, this is important to give more appreciation because it can encourage the growth of Steem power for winners. I love contests that are unique, informative and creative, but providing other prizes to winners besides Booming support and community curated accounts should get the organizers attention

Friday 20/01/2023: @kouba01
It was Friday, corresponding to January 20, 2023, a special date as a curational member of the Millionaire Team to upvote on the best contests presented on the platform and encourage winning entries, as well as select the best comments.
Compared to last week, this week saw an increase in the number of up-voted entries, to 26, including 5 comments, of which newly established contests accounted for only about 15%, and the rest were winning entries. We also skipped about 8 posts for several reasons, the most important of which is not having club status or exceeding the time limit. To vote on attendance and ability, as is known, within seven days .Of course, some competitions organized by our team members have been circumvented, because the laws prevent us from voting them.
Regarding some club status statistics, we found 18 posts belonging to #club5050, on the other hand 5 posts belonging to #club 75 and 3 belonging to #club100, and votes were cast for this in varying proportions, which are respectively of 30%, 40% and 50% with an additional 5% for items included in the #burnsteem25 campaign.

Saturday 21/01/2023: @adeljose
During my fourth week's journey I have had the opportunity to support a good number of publications, most of them concerning winners' announcements. I have been able to see good activity in the different dynamics, thanks to the good themes that they raise. On the other hand, I took the opportunity to support good comments, which I have seen improve their quality, showing commitment in the users who provide such messages. Overall, it was a very good day.

Sunday 22/01/2023: @nadiaturrina
I've been curating for the third week of the month. And it is a very valuable opportunity for me. I curated with heart and love. I am satisfied with the curation that I have done. I hereby assist the contest organizer. The contest can improve the quality of content in Steemit. The team consists of great and committed Steemians. I learned a lot from them. And it is an opportunity for me to continue to learn from them.
I curated with love and hearth. I feel more flexible in using curated accounts. And I've adapted to Team rules. On Sunday, January 22, 2023, via my Steemcurator03 account, I voted on 21 posts, consisting of 11 contest posts and 10 contest winner posts. I've also voted on 4 quality comments that match the theme of the post.

Monday 23/01/2023: @lavanyalakshman
This week, I curated quality contest posts, winner announcements, and winners too.
There were a lot of users conducting contests on unique topics, and I really enjoyed curating those. Most of the posts maintain the #club75 status, so I'm happy to see it.
Besides this, I curate up to 10 quality comments on different communities on the Steemit platform. We are doing our best with our team's support. I hope all those giving get the best results here. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

Tuesday 24/01/2023: @franyeligonzalez
Happy to culminate this 4th week of work, I was able to vote 28 quality publications, most of them for contest winners announcements, but I got 10 contests with good themes and interesting for the users of the platform. It is very important that we continue to encourage communities and users to create this type of dynamics.
Most of the publications were from #club5050. I was also able to vote 7 quality comments, every time we get more and more comments that are worth supporting.
I hope to be in the team for the month of February, I say goodbye thank you!!!


Individual Summary

The following table summarizes the individual management of each team member, showing the number of posts and comments that were supported, as well as the number of users, nationality and communities that were visited.


As requested by the Steemit team, we present the 7 publications of the week, which were considered for the quality of their content and presentation.

Top 7 Selected Publications Of The Week

Selection N° 1:

Post: Concurso: Me pongo de Buen Humor / Author: @yolvijrm / Status Club: #Club5050
Selected by: @fredquantum
Opinion: The contest I have selected for the day is based on human lifestyle, particularly centered on the mood of individuals, how they express their good mood and how such a state of happiness is important to solve certain situations. Undoubtedly, this is a good piece that brings out creativity in users in terms of writing. Based on quality and participation at the moment, it deserves the spot.

Selection N° 2:

Post: What is the Biggest Wish - Contest / Author: @amryksr / Status Club: #Club5050
Selected by: @irawandedy
Opinion: One indicator of success can be obtained through desire, starting with dreaming and realizing dreams/desires through hard work. Failure in the past should be the biggest motivation so as to achieve success in the future.
I like this contest as an organizer's effort to stimulate participants to explore the potential of failure and turn it into new energy to achieve future goals.
In the contest tips described by the organizers it clearly states the basic rules that must be followed by the contestants, this encourages the creation of contests that are structured within a predetermined framework, participants only need to develop the contest according to the tips that have been published.
The organizer also provides attractive prizes in the form of Steem Power and voting support from booming, this is important to do to encourage increased account strength for contest winners.

Selection N° 3:

Post: Contest! Contest!! Contest!!! : A Review of My Steemit Journey / Author: @simonnwigwe / Status Club: #Club100
Selected by: @kouba01
Opinion: I chose this competition because it represents an opportunity for all users on the Steemit platform to review their journey from the registration process to their current situation, as it is important to pay attention to the past to know the level of development we have reached thanks to the efforts made. I wish success to all participants.

Selection N° 4:

Post: CONCURSO "DIBUJANDO INSECTOS" 🎨🐞🖌️ ‍ CONTEST "DRAWING INSECTS" / Author: @nelsondoor / Status Club: #Club100
Selected by: @adeljose
Opinion: Every contest that promotes creativity should be considered as interesting, even more when it comes to drawing as it invites users to develop and show their skills in this world of art. For sure we will see good participations in this contest that I have selected.

Selection N° 5:

Post: SteemPhotos Contest #24 / "How do you see yourself in 5 years" / Author: @arshani / Status Club: #Club75
Selected by: @nadiaturrina
Opinion: It is a good contest idea. The Contest Organizer has a special hashtag that refers to the contest, so the organizer can easily find participating posts, clear contest rules, and prizes to distribute. And most importantly, the organizers of the competition pay attention to the authenticity of the participant's posts.
This contest indirectly invites us to plan a better life in the next five years. Life will be more directed with careful planning. Let's create a better life by investing in Steemit. And look how great we will be in five years.

Selection N° 6:

Post: HWC Contest #6 : What are the best & worst TV advertisements you have ever seen? / Author: @hindwhale / Status Club: #Club5050
Selected by: @lavanyalakshman
Opinion: This week I selected this post because the topic of the contest is the best and worst TV advertisements in our daily lives. All we know is how advertisements help us learn information about any products we need in our daily lives. But some advertisements do not fit that product, and others fit exactly.
Some times we don't like those advertisements very much. In this contest, just by sharing our opinion about these advertisements, we can easily join. No restrictions on participating, any one who having at least #club5050 you may join. Any language is accepted, but it must be original. Price pool up to 10 steem. Considering all those reasons, I select this contest as one of my best choices for this week.

Selection N° 7:

Post: Nueva Dinámica // Primero veo, luego creo: "Aprendamos a cortar vegetales como todo un chef." / Author: @nahela / Status Club: #Club5050
Selected by: @franyeligonzalez
Opinion: I have chosen this contest because I see a completely different dynamic, the Colombia Original community has created these contests-tutorials to teach people new skills, what's better than being able to give our friends new knowledge, I think this is great!
The theme is easy, anyone can do it, we have the recommendations of a professional chef, something very important, I know that many of us would be useful for the rest of our lives to learn a little bit about cooking.
The tutorials also give a creative and more dynamic touch to the contest because we can observe through a video how to perform the activity. Nahela presents us with a very well done publication, well written, with a good layout, clear rules and excellent prizes for the contestants!

This concludes our fourth Millionaire Team curation report for the month of January. We reiterate our thanks to the Steemit team for giving us the opportunity to support good content.

We are at your disposal for any questions or comments.

To learn more about our management, please click here

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Congratulations to all selected contest post of the week. We are proud of you.

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Thanks @kouba01 for selecting my post. Congratulations to all other authors whose post are selected.

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Thanks for coming through for the team by presenting another great report of how things went in the previous week, @adeljose. I wish our entire team numerous successes ahead.

It is a task I am happy to fulfill, we still have a week to go.

Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

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