Week #3 | Curation Report by Team 2 (September Community Curators)

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The third week of the community curators program for September has ended and our team (Team 2) has been actively curating articles across Steemit for the last 7 days. We have upvoted some great content on the platform and it's time to report on how things went during that period.

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Our Curation Style

  • Visiting different communities on Steemit to support quality content from authors.

  • We are not limited to a theme as such we have supported different types of articles over the period including articles produced in the ongoing Steemit Engagement Challenge.

  • We have also utilized the most basic tags like the club status, steemexclusive, and so on to search for authors who might have published their articles on their own blog.

  • Curation from us follows the basic rules adequately while some of the skipped articles were left with appropriate messages about why we skipped them.


Curation Per Community

We have supported articles from 29 different communities during the last 7 days of curation and the sheets below give the details of those communities that have gotten support from the SC05 account.

Week 3 Communities Curated 1.png

Week 3 Communities Curated 2.png

And no articles were curated on users' blogs for the week, the ones we found have not quite complied with some of the basic rules.


Curation Per Nationality

In addition, we have supported people of different races during the period and the metrics of those are shared below.

Week 3 Nationalities 1.png

Week 3 Nationalities 2.png


Curation Per Languages

Authors write in different languages on the platform and for the week, articles written utilizing the Spanish language dominated out of all curated articles for the week while the ones written utilizing the English Language took the second spot on the list.

Week 3 Languages.png


Curation Per Club Status

Compliance with the club status has been one of the basic rules of our curation as such we have not curated other articles that are not in any of the club classes. Below are the metrics of the articles we have supported based on club status.

Week 3 Clubs 1.png

Articles written by users in the #club5050 status dominated this section taking a total of 53% out of the total articles curated for the week followed by #club100 users with 26% and #club75 occupied the remaining percentage (21%).

Week 3 Clubs 2.png


Total Curated Articles for the Week

We have checked a total of 236 articles over the previous week and only 173 of those were supported according to their clubs and quality.

Week 3 Articles Checked.png

There were no records of plagiarism for the third week and I guess this is a great one, at least a clean ecosystem is gradually been achieved.


Comments Upvoted

We have supported a total of 37 comments in the last 7 days and the image below shows the total comments supported per each day of the week.

Week 3 Comments.png


Top 5 Articles for the Week


Author: @yuliadi

Club Status: #club100

Selected by: @irawandedy

Article: Link

Reasons for Selection:

As of September 18, 2022 curation, I've found some content to submit for best post nominations, but in general it has received SC02 and SC01 support. I had to choose an alternative post as today's Top Post and I found it.
I propose this post as a single post as the best post today with the theme "Traveling: Enjoy a Vacation by the Beach of Bantayan". Some of the reasons that underlie the determination of this post as a Top Post, namely: 1. Determining alternative tourist locations during a pandemic that has an impact on the financial sector. 2. Reviewing Tourist Attractions by including the location using what3word. 3. The photos shown are real. 4. Conversion of food prices ordered from local currency to steem.
This post deserves to be designated as one of the best posts for the week.

Author: @temitopef

Club Status: #club5050

Selected by: @fredquantum

Article: Link

Reasons for Selection:

This article was written in the ongoing contest in the Academy and stands out to be the best for the day as the author gives a detailed understanding of how the blockchain has affected business and finance. The author walked us through how blockchain can be utilized and listed some of its applications in the financial realm. It deserves the top spot for the day.

Author: @jotatrading

Club Status: #club5050

Selected by: @franyeligonzalez

Article: Link

Reasons for Selection:

Our dear user presents us with an excellent entry to a challenge, he shows us the step by step of his great creation, part of the Venezuelan culture, a bread that many love and that is also not so difficult to prepare. He makes it look very easy with his good tutorial, we can appreciate the ingredients used and the step by step to achieve this result.
Good images to appreciate the step by step, good layout, each image with its respective description, a very well written publication.

Author: @minikay

Club Status: #club5050

Selected by: @franyeligonzalez

Article: Link

Reasons for Selection:

Our dear user presents us with a very creative and original entry, we can see it in her photographs, she really dedicated part of her time to create something really interesting. In the content we can read how much she enjoys creating content and quality content as I have been able to value some of her publications in steemit.
I agree in many aspects that you mention in your post, you present us with a very well laid out challenge, balanced in colors and images, centered and creative images. And good storytelling.

Author: @yonaikerurso

Club Status: #club5050

Selected by: @ripon0630

Article: Link

Reasons for Selection:

The author of the post written about from the start of the day to registration for physiotherapy to the end of the day talking to the Cotina team, everything was presented in‌ great detail. His job situation and current living arrangements are highlighted through his posts. Each paragraph is accompanied by a picture with a caption. A perfect diary to captivate readers .It's deserve to be a top selection.


We have completed the third curation week in September and yet again we have been able to touch different communities, nationalities, and languages. We also ensured that the users that got support from SC05 have adequately complied with the basic rules we highlighted in our guidelines on the first week and by the Steemit team's rule for the category, to which our team belongs to. Thanks for reading through.

Note: For the just-ended week, some articles we have found on individual curator days to be the topmost in terms of quality were realized to have been supported through the SC01/SC02 account, and a few more were considered but most have gotten support from the top curator accounts. When situations like this arise, we dig further to ensure the spots are filled. Some of our curators have included this in their reasons earlier.


Written by:-

Team 2.



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Muchas gracias es un honor ser nombrada dentro de éste reporte con una publicación de calidad.

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Congratulations, @minikay. We look forward to seeing more quality content from you on the platform.

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