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Hello Everyone. This is Haidermehdi. Country Representative Pakistan! I am here to present the weekly report for this new month, April has just started and we have covered 145K SP on steemit-pak. We are growing well in terms of SP and active members as well. We just needed to wait for a little before we achieve our goal of reaching 150k SP by the end of this month with steemit-pak In shaa Allah! Alhamdulillah before even it goes past the 20s, we have achieved 135k SP :)

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This time we did not get selected for the Weekly Engagement Challenge. All the communities selected were new and i believe they all are doing a great job in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2!

Although I made a list for the first week of Engagement Challenge, I thought of making the list for the second week but sadly, life is tough nowadays. I had taken a break to overcome all these difficulties but I am still going through a lot. But as a responsibility, I am taking steemit on and trying to be as active as possible!

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Online Session To Explain Steemit Engagement Program and to make them focus on comments

After receiving all the congrats and best wishes from the community members and from different communities, I made an initiative to organize an online google meet session where i would be able to convey my words to the Steemit Pakistan Community members. For this purpose, i also made a detailed guidance post, in which i talked about the new rules, the ways to participate and the rewards with all the contest.

Link to post

Here is the snipped image from the online session!


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Top Commenters in Steemit Pakistan Community

I felt the need of praising those users who are doing continuous efforts to get themselves exposure on the steemit platform via introducing the Top Commenters in the Steemit Pakistan Community! This has been a successful event and we have seen good growth in the Steemit Pakiostan Community thus far!

Two weeks have been completed and we found 4 winners, Cocomuff won it both times and this is extremely pleasing. The first week was more interesting if compared to the second week, but In shaa Allah i believe that we will get better with time!

Week : 1 = Winners Announced | STAR PERFORMERS OF THE WEEK || WEEKLY COMMENTS SCORE | Club100

Week : 2 = Burnsteem25| Winners Announced | STAR PERFORMERS OF WEEK # 2 || WEEKLY COMMENTS SCORE | Club100

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The Graphic Designing Exploration!

I started the series of Graphic Designing lectures as I was exploring Adobe Illustrator. Thus I decided to share my work with all other steemians just so that they could learn some skills through this amazing platform which is already giving them so much <3

I have so far completed 5 days of exploration in this series and I am looking to dive deeper into this exploration!

  1. Lecture # 1
  2. Lecture # 2
  3. Lecture # 3
  4. Lecture # 4
  5. Lecture # 5
  6. Lecture # 6
  7. Lecture # 7
  8. Lecture # 8
  9. Compilation + Lecture 9
  10. Lecture # 10
  11. Lecture # 11

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Revival of Pak-Charity, The Anonymous Hope Project!

We have been on a mission to help the poor without disclosing ourselves and we have been doing it for a long time Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Once we shared the pictures of such an event where we helped over 30 families with their monthly food necessities.

We are now back with complete faith and purest of intentions to begin helping people as per the name of The Anonymous Hope Project. We will be running this project through the @pak-charity account supervised by @Steemit-pak and @Haidermehdi and worked upon by the whole Steemit Pakistan Team with some volunteers.

Here is an Announcement Post by Steemit-Pak


Here is an Announcement Post by Pak-Charity

Recent Distributions and New Cases

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Steemit Pakistan Responsibilities Distribution

In Steemit Pakistan, we believe in Quality work and dedication. Therefore, each member of the team is equal and bound to perform their duties equally. But from the past couple of weeks, we saw a decline in the community thus we decided to let the moderators help the member in guiding the users about their quality where me and @hassanabid took the responsibility of commenting on every post and making best picks by ourselves. So now, all the comments from steemit-pak are either operated by me or by @hassanabid. We have started noticing some different things than usual. below is how we work and how do comments.

Best PicksCommentsQuality GuidePak-Charity Operate
Haidermehdi, Hassanabidhaidermehdi, HassanabidEvent-Horizon, AniqamashkoorVVarishayy

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Adobe Photoshop workshops!

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Club100 Commitment

Total DurationSteem EarnedPowerup
7 Months13,08613,086 Sp

Yours, Haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.
Steem On!

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