TEAM Millionaire Curation Guidelines for October 2022

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Hello dear Steemians,

Before starting with this guidelines post, I would like to thank all the administrators of our Steemit.Inc ecosystem for their renewed confidence in us and for giving us this golden opportunity to vote on the articles organizing contests with a good level, hence the idea and the prizes presented.

It's a new experience that we see as distinct as it encourages users to create their own contests and challenges, as the role of contests is to encourage participation, grow activity, reach content and share rewards.

Our team, which was called the "Millionaire Team" is composed of the following members:

NameCountryClub statusDiscord ID

Without exaggeration, I hinted to the whole team the determination to pass this experiment and this period as usual, based on the experience acquired by practicing the same task for several months in different other teams, which has helped improve our performance and overcome mistakes we made unintentionally. So I think we will see a professional and integrated team that knows what its duties are, and one of its most important principles is transparency in voting and integrity in its choices away from affiliations and closed accounts , so we hope that we and the rest of the chosen team will have success and invite them to serve the interest of content development on our platform, to whom we owe a lot .

ligne sep.png

Tags requested by our team

Tag is very important in determining the topic and content of the article, as it is easy to search and categorize it. Therefore, our curation team invites all users wishing to write content related to our interests to adhere to the placement of our tags so as not to be ignored and not to be upvoted, and we will successively indicate the most important d 'between them :

  • #contest #challenge #steem-contest: These main tags group the posts that interest us. Therefore, I invite all users creating competitions and challenges to include this tag in their articles.

  • #club100, #club75 and #club5050: These tags determine the club to which each user belongs, so we invite everyone to check their entries so that their articles are not skipped in the event of an inappropriate tag. And we don't hide a secret from you that we have a special preference and upvotes for people belonging to #club75 and #club100 for their effective contribution to the development of the value growth of steem, so we invite everyone to contribute by increase the value of his SP so that everyone benefits.

  • #Steemexclusive: Many users do not know the meaning of this tag indicating that the article is exclusive to the Steemit ecosystem and the author cannot reproduce it from his previous articles on other platforms, and c is a required tag in all articles.

  • #country: This tag is very important for our team to categorize posts at the end of the week when we will generate the final report, and it will also give us an idea of ​​the geography of the countries interested in this type of article.

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Our curation plan

We also informed you from the beginning that we have an internal coordination in the team that has worked since the early days to overcome all difficulties and facilitate a smooth workflow. Therefore, the organization has been divided among all members according to the days of the week as follows:

Sundayby alternation between the members

Each member who votes for contests on their assigned day will submit an internal report through our channel on Discord that includes their most important stats and observations they encountered while performing their tasks. He will also offer us his best contest so that we can discuss his choice and ensure his originality.

For more transparency, after each upvote, the curator leaves a message indicating his passage by putting the granted percentage, which is focused on several factors, the most important of which are the quality, the club to which you belong, the aesthetics of the article , ...

Sample message:

Your post has been successfully curated by our team via @curator_username at 40%. Thank you for your committed efforts, we urge you to do more and keep posting high quality contests for a chance to earn valuable upvotes from our team of curators and why not be selected for an additional upvote later. this week in the Top Contest.

  • Club membership and the burner of 25% of your winnings go into the curation percentage as follows:
Club Statuspercentagepercentage with burnsteem25
  • Users are prohibited from taking advantage of automated voting and receiving rewards via bots for violating our Proof of Brain (PoB) policy to receive rewards.

  • It is also forbidden for any member to vote on an article for his colleague of the same team, and each curator is obliged to vote 100% only once on his active article.

  • At the end of each week, we present a detailed report of our seven-day work, in which we include the most important observations and recommendations that we want users to adhere to in order to improve the quality of the content. We then announce the best contests organized during this period.

We wish success to all the curation teams and ask everyone to make this internship a success.


Team Millionaire
@kouba01 #club100
@fredquantum #club75
@franyeligonzalez #club5050
@irawandedy #club100
@monz122 #club75
@inspiration #club5050


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A detailed guide here, though sometines steemians never get seen even when they use these tags. I hope this month will be better. Welldone @kouba01

Hello friend, very good guidelines, I hope we have a great month and we are a great team!!! :)

Un gran equipo, lo harán muy bien. Gracias por las recomendaciones ♥️

Excelente conocer desde ya la normativa de este equipo. Son muchos los concursos que se promocionan dentro de la plataforma, y que muchas veces no reciben el apoyo que se merecen; estoy seguro que este equipo brindará ese apoyo necesario para incentivar a seguir creando actividades de ese tipo.

Great, On the platform, a lot of contests are offered, but frequently they don't get the support they need. Contests are giving ideas and subjects to the bloggers. I am sure that this group will offer the assistance needed to promote the development of many such events. through this, I hope we will receive many contests and many good entries.

Hello friend, thank you very much for this excellent information that will serve as a guide.

Thank your sir for sharing this informative guidelines with me and other steemains.

Este equipo está genial y muy potente, los felicito y les deseo lo mejor en este nuevo mes .

Thanks for this wonderful update.

Excelente 👏 estás pautas nos serán de utilidad para crear publicaciones que se adapten a los requerimientos de este team. Saludos 🤗

Thanks for writing a detailed guideline about our curation for the week, leader @kouba01. I wish us a fruitful curation tenure ahead.

Thank you very much
This will really go a long way to help us👌

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I'm your 2700th follower

Great instructions for us all. Thank you very much for this Post.