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Hi steemians,

A new month and a new beginning, this week the date of August 4, 2022 coincides with the end of the first round of the month of August to curate articles written in the fields of Finance And Technology, which are supervised as usual by our Quality Control Team and using the @steemcurator05 curation account, while keeping objective, impartiality and honest work in choosing the best posts for this week.

Our team upvoted this week on 114 articles out of a total of169 participations, a percentage of 67%which is a respectable percentage and close to what we have achieved in previous seasons, although we hope it will increase in the coming weeks thanks to participants' efforts to write high-quality articles that allow them to obtain our curation. Thus, the percentage of skipped articles was 30%. The reasons for this leap are many and varied. We therefore invite participants to follow our observations and evaluations so that we do not pass their articles without upvoting. Finally, we have found 3 articles containing plagiarism and its owners have been warned and defamed so that they can serve as a bad example for the rest of the individuals who wish to commit the same shameful act.

And we move on, as usual, to presenting the most important general statistics, which will be detailed by each curator, to conclude the report with the best articles of this week. Good follow-up.


Number of curated, plagiarized and skipped articles per day:


Number of posts per Domain


Number of posts per Club Status


Number of posts per Language



The observations of our curators :

@irawandedy 1st-day

During the curation period on July 29, 2022, I checked 20 posts, but I missed 9 posts for several reasons, including 7 posts that were not relevant to the theme, 1 post was detected as plagiarismlink : https://steemit.com/high/@toaljony/high-performance-computing-as-a-service-market-analysis-comprehensive-research-study-and-future-estimations-2023 and 1 post received SC05 support 3x in a 7 day curation period.

There are 11 Upvotes received by users today, if grouped by language usage, 7 English content and 2 Indonesian and Spanish content. Meanwhile, when viewed from club status, users who are members of club5050 get support for 6 posts, 3 content with club75 and for 2 posts to join club100.

No Club : For curation, I prioritize accounts that are members of the club, and the curation scheme by giving a higher percentage of votes if the club status is at club100 or club75, but the quality of the content remains an important point. I hope my curation method will trigger them to continuously improve their club status over time.


There is an increased number of articles under the #fintech tag today, likewise, the quality. The quality rise and volume of entries on this day is one of the best we have received in recent weeks and that's quite awesome.

Finance-related articles dominated curation today having doubled the number of curated technology-based content. The articles curated for the day are written in English, Spanish, and Indonesian languages, and articles written in the English language dominated the space as they occupied a total of 74%.

There are no records of any form of plagiarism today and no suspected accounts under the tag today. And only a few articles were skipped, amounting to about 24% of the total articles checked, very lesser as compared to what it's been in previous weeks.

@kouba01 3rd-day

For the first week of August in curation, I oversaw 25 submissions in total which is close to the average for each week, only upvoting 16 posts and skipping 9 which are almost the same numbers as last week. which gives as a general idea a stability in the number of participants that we always aim to increase it in quantity and quality.

This week there is a diversification in the languages ​​with which the articles were published keeping the large share for English with a percentage of 75%, 18% for Spanish and only 7% for Indonesian, d n the other hand, we noticed a return to a rough balance between the two areas (56% for finance and 44% for tech), after a week in which this gap was expanded a little. This week also saw an increase in the gap between items owned by club100 users to 20% compared to 37% for club5050 and 43% for club75, and we urge users who want better retention to increase the value of the club.

In addition, we did not find any article containing plagiarism, on the other hand we checked an article with low content in terms of quality which was ignored, 3 articles their contents do not fall within our centers of interest, 2 upvoted by SC04, 1 evaluated by the academy, as well as 2 articles written in the form of a competition announcement.

@steemdoctor1 4th-day

The overall quality of the posts for this Monday was average. There were a few posts that were so impressive while the others are just average ones. Some posts were really useful for me as I have learned a lot of things from the explanations that the authors of those posts have made.

There were several reasons behind skipping a number of posts. One of the major reasons was that some posts were not related to our #fintech. While the other authors have posted low-quality content. Also, there is also one who was skipped as he has posted plagiarised content.

Plagiarism Case:

During the curation this Monday, I got a case of plagiarism. The user has directly copied the article that has been written on another platform. I have warned the user and given the sources of the original content. Below is the link to the plagiarised post.


@ozenozge 5th-day

This week was a standard curation day. Nothing very interesting was encountered. Only one author was found to be self-plagrism, and the author was warned link :


Other than that, the quality of the posts was average. English was the predominant language while the financial field was predominant. 5 of the checked posts were skipped. The reason why these posts were skipped were different reasons such as the authors not following any club, the authors being upvoted by SC05 three times in the last 7 days, and the content not being #steemexcluisve.

@pelon53 6th-day

Today Wednesday (3/8/2022) I have found with quality publications, but the last hours of the day came a considerable amount of post. My recommendation is to try to make your posts during the day and not leave them at the end of the day, because some posts may lose your vote.

In total I reviewed 25 posts, but only 20 of those posts qualified for a positive vote. 5 posts were skipped, 2 of them for low quality, 1 post was skipped because it made use of bot and 2 posts had error in the tags.

@chiabertrand 7th-day

During my curation this week, I noticed there was a great decrease in terms of content quality and content quantity because I came across just 15 articles that met up with the requirements this week as compared to the 24 articles last week. I had to skip 14 articles for several reasons which I will be elaborating below.

Most of my skipped articles were content not related to #Finance and #Technology, other articles were users who are abusing and violating #club status or not belonging to any club. Other skipped articles were articles which the authors had already benefited from sc05 account 3X within 7-days. I had to skip one article because the user had earlier received support from SC05 account on thesame day of my curation

I curated 22 articles under #Finance and 3 under #Technology. This number is very low as compared to previous the previous weeks, perhaps maybe Steemians are busy with the ongoing engagement challenge. I hope to see more users creating articles under this two themes so as to always stand chances of receiving support from SC05 account.

To conclude, this week was not as good as last week because I couldn't support much articles. I hope I get to support much more articles in the upcoming weeks


The 7 best articles selected

The article : Link
The author:@ettydiallova
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@irawandedy


During the curation period Friday, July 29, 2022, I chose a post with the theme "Menikmati Kemajuan Tekhnologi: Mengupgrade Pengetahuan dan Finansial" As the Best Post, the selection of this content as Top Post was based on the quality of informative content, the author wrote about the impact of using technology in two ways. sides, both negative and positive sides. He wrote how the role of technology in life, everything can be done easily. According to him, "Technological advances should also not take away our human side as humans, because nowadays many people spend more time using their gadgets or computers, rather than gathering and talking warmly with their families.

The article : Link
The author:@mato445
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@fredquantum


The author of this piece has reviewed a supermarket in his city, the place known as Sorite. Out of the business review articles we have received for the day, this stands out to be the best. He discussed the main supermarket showing different sections and also utilized the Cafe section having made a valid interaction with that section with the price of things bought added.

This article made it to the top for being original and a valid user experience that goes beyond the internet compilation of data.

The article : Link
The author:@pocoloco01
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by: @kouba01


The writer presented us with an article in which he shows the importance of the information being accurate and confirmed in advance of an important example, which is how to know the expiration dates of the gas cylinder because of the danger to the life of the human self, and the writer made an effort using social media platforms to pass on the information. And with more verification, he confirmed that there is no expiry date, but caution should be exercised when using, thanks for spreading the development in gaining information on our platform.

The article : Link
The author:@alihussain07
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@steemdoctor1


In this post, the author has explained the Ethereum blockchain in a very great manner. He has explained the origin of the blockchain. The facts behind the creation of the Ethereum blockchain. Also, he has explained the important features of the blockchain and the comparison between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Also, the most important point to mention here is that he has done a very great technical analysis of the Ether token by utilizing different technical analysis tools and he has also explained the working of each analysis tool that he has applied on the candlestick pattern. So, these are some reasons behind the selection of this post as the top one.

The article : Link
The author:@mondraye
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@ozenozge


In this post, which is in the selection of the best of this week, the author explained in detail the issue of crytpo currency market making. In this article, which is quite ahead of other content, the author explained what market making is and what principle it works with. He also explained the advantages and disadvantages of market making and informed his readers. The author has written this technical subject in a very simple and understandable language.

The article : Link
The author:@beckie96830
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@pelon53


The author explains that agriculture is developed in the soil, however, soilless agriculture, such as hydroponics, has been developed. He gives us a tour of a tomato field in soilless agriculture. He explains the process that is required. Nutrients are mixed into the water and delivered to the roots of the plants.

In addition, the author explains the types of soil and gives us the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of system.

The article : Link
The author:@jueco
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@chiabertrand


On my curation today, I came across this user's article which he explained about the foundation of crypto trading and he focused mostly on Support And Resistance Levels In the crypto market by explaining how important this levels are because with the use of both support and resistance levels, traders can easily minimize losses and hence maximize their profits.


Best Regards,
Quality Control Curation Team

@kouba01 - #club100
@steemdoctor1 - #club100
@ozenozge - #club100
@pelon53 - #club100
@irawandedy - #club100
@fredquantum - #club75
@chiabertrand- #club75





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