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hello steemians,

The third week, spanning from June 17 to June 23, 2022 of the June session, witnessed a decrease in the percentage of participation in the field of finance and technology by 21%, and this decline is due to the decrease in the number of skipped articles of about 68 compared to 113 articles in the previous week, with almost stability in the number of articles that were voted affirmatively, amounting to 110, compared to 112 articles previously. In general, we maintained the same voting pattern, but this did not prevent each delegate from the quality control team from providing his comments and advice. So please, dear users, do not skip this paragraph because it is important to continue working in our field in the coming weeks.

And as usual, we'll go through more details, present the week's top stats and suggestions, and finish the article with the top seven, so we hope you enjoy reading.


Number of curated, plagiarized and skipped articles per day:


Number of posts per Domain


Number of posts per Club Status


Number of posts per Language



The observations of our curators :

@irawandedy 1st-day

In the curation period on 17th June 2022 I checked 24 posts, but 10 posts I left because they are not relevant to the Theme to be curated, 1 posts have been curated 3x over a 7 day period. In general I find a lot of content that uses the #fintech tag, but conflicts with the theme required for curation support, so I ignore it.

There are 13 Upvotes received by users today, if grouped by language usage, 10 content in English and 3 content in Indonesian. Meanwhile, when viewed from club status, users who are members of club5050 get support for 6 posts, 2 content with club75 and for club100 5 posts.

No Club: For curation, I prioritize accounts that are members of the club, and the curation scheme by giving a higher percentage of votes if the club status is at club100 or club75, but the quality of the content remains an important point. I hope my curation method will trigger them to continue to improve their club status over time.


We have received few entries on our tag today as compared to the previous weeks and the quality decrease persists. Most of the articles submitted today are average content, I have not skipped many articles as many of the content complies with the basic requirements of our theme. As such, I have curated most of the articles available today accordingly, in terms of quality.

That being said, only 3 articles were skipped today which is lesser than last week's. The curated articles hit approximately 86% of the total articles checked for the day. In addition, curated finance-related articles dominated, taking the total of 66% by doubling the number of curated technology-related articles.

There was no record of any forms of plagiarism today, and some of the skipped articles have been attached with notes as regards why they have been skipped. The tag was not too populated with unrelated articles today and we hope that clean space would be maintained in the coming weeks.

@kouba01 3rd-day

In the third week of the June curation session, 17 articles were upvoted, a negligible decrease of 0.05% from the previous week. Upvote percentages varied depending on the status of the club owned by the user and the level of writing available in the article.

Most of the articles were published in three languages ​​distributed as follows: 82% in English, 11% in Spanish and 7% in Indonesian. We also found an imbalance between the two areas (82% for finance and 18% for tech), an imbalance that we hope to avoid in the coming weeks and we invite users to pay the same attention to tech. This week also saw a gap between items owned by club100 users at 18% versus 47% for club5050 and 35% for club75, and we urge users who want a higher vote to increase the value of the club.

Additionally, we found only one article that contained plagiarism (https://steemit.com/hive-165917/@lateefah2001/bussines-activity-or-or-ways-to-handle-difficult-clients-lateefah2001-or-or-10-payout-to-businessactivity) and 5 articles were rejected for various reasons, the most important of which was poor writing. We also noticed a few articles that were part of the challenge contest, which were voted on by SC02, so two votes cannot be written at the same time, and more than one tag cannot be combined in the same article.

@moecki 4th-day

This week, I had checked 30 posts that had used the tag #fintech. Only eight could be supported in the end. Unfortunately, the rate of less than 30 % was even lower than the previous week. The reasons are very diverse. Two users had already received three upvotes in the last seven days. Seven posts matched the topic of finance/technology, but they were of low quality or not #steemexclusive. One user thought he had to re-post the same article he had already written a fortnight ago. Dear Steemians, please refrain from doing so, there is no support for that.

Unfortunately, I also had to read a plagiarism (https://steemit.com/hive-183397/@mondraye/introduction-to-compound-finance-a-decentralised-lending-protocol). The user minimally rewrote a foreign online article sentence by sentence and posted it as his own contribution. There is no support for this either.
All users have been made aware of the issues, so I hope to be able to distribute more votes next week.

@ozenozge 5th-day

The first thing that caught my attention on my curation day this week was the increase in technology content. The gap between technology and finance is still large, but more homogeneous than in previous weeks. But the quality of the contents was not very satisfactory. In addition, since this week's Steem Alive community's engagement challenge titled Local Business review and the #fintech hashtag match, it has been seen that many users participating in the contest use this hashtag. Unfortunately, this week, one user was found to be plagiarizing. This user looks like a new account, this user has been warned.

@pelon53 6th-day

During my curation day, it was difficult to find quality posts, however, I was able to review 25 posts, but only 17 posts received positive votes. And I skipped 8 posts, 2 posts used the tag wrongly, 4 posts did not belong to any club and 2 posts had been upvoted during the week 3 times.

Users who did not belong to any club, I were encouraged to join club5050, club75 or club100. Users who used the wrong tag, I alerted them to make a note not to use the wrong tag.

@chiabertrand 7th-day

On my curation day this week, I noticed there was a slight decrease in terms of content quality as compared to last week. As usual, I had to skip some articles.

Some of my skipped articles were articles not related to #Finance and #Technology category, other articles were users who are abusing and violating #club status and don't belong to any club

One skipped article was because the author had already received support from the SC05 account 3X within 7-days.

I skipped one article because the user had already benefited from SC09 since he used both #learnwithsteem and #Fintech tag. However, I had to notify the user not to be using the two tags from different themes in one post. Please it's not advisable to be using two tags from different themes in one post. Users should endeavor to use one #tag specific to the field he is posting to.

I still realized users are still focused on creating more articles under #Finance as compared to #Technology.

The 7 best articles selected

The article : Link
The author:@dederanggayoni
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@irawandedy


For the curation period on Friday, June 17, 2022, I gave curation for 13 posts, but among the 13 posts, in general they have their own uniqueness, but I chose one of them as the Top Post. This post describes the Cake Shop (De'Rusbake) business in the city of Lhokseumawe, he recommends this business as a potential business by selling various types of cakes that the author converts in steem prices, friendly salesperson service and a clean place so that customers satisfied with the services provided. This post raises the topic of "Steem-Business Promo De’Rusbake Bakery And Cake Shop Campaign #burnsteem25 || #Club100".


The article : Link
The author:@moneyster
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@fredquantum


Considering the low volume of quality articles received under our tag today, just a few authors were able to come up with good content. This article is considered the number 2 top article for the day.

The article considered to be the top 1 was left out intentionally after noticing the nonchalant attitude of the author toward different recommendations on Steemit as regards spamming of the SC01/SC02 accounts in his/her article, despite warning the author through the SC05 account, he seems not bothered. The entire members of Quality Control Team reached a consensus to leave out the article in the selection process.

That being said, the selected author for the day has talked about a pattern in technical analysis, the evening star candlestick pattern, its formation, and what it implies when seen on the chart. He walked the audience through the theoretical aspect of the formation and highlighted the benefits of the pattern.

In addition, the author added a practical chart on how to utilize the pattern when formed on the chart for a sell entry into a crypto market as the formation indicates a potential trend reversal, bullish <---> bearish. It's an average content but with the situation of things for the day, the article made it to the top spot.

The article : Link
The author:@msquaretwins
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@kouba01


In this week's best article, the writer presented a topic about a promising cryptocurrency called Experty Wisdom (Wis), also called decentralized wisdom, showing its most important characteristics and statistics, a cryptocurrency that can be obtained by registering on Experty.io Platform (the writer has listed all the steps of registration) where users are rewarded for their activities inside the platform. The peculiarity is that the author provides a real example of the work of this platform which rewards you for your predictions of the price of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the author for this effort to present this currency and its platform.

The article : Link
The author:@victoh78
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by: @moecki


This week I chose a post by @vitoh78. He writes about the hope of cryptocurrency. He introduces his descriptions with exemplary dips and then tries to explain the market movements. The article is rounded off with a forecast for investors.

The article : Link
The author:@simonnwigwe
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@ozenozge


In this post of my choice for this week, the author shares with us his comments about Mr Cash Provision Store, a local grocery store in Nigeria. While explaining his ideas about his market in detail, the author shares the prices of products in both native currencies and Steem. Due to this week's engagement challenge, I had the opportunity to read many local business reviews, this post by the author was definitely one of the most revealing. If I lived in the area, I could clearly find the information I needed about this local business thanks to this post.


The article : Link
The author:@beckie96830
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@pelon53


The author immerses us in the financial concept, and then explains financial investment and project evaluation.

The author gives us an explanation about the project, which has to do with the elements to take into account in the evaluation of the project, as well as the classification of projects and the life cycle of a project.

Quite interesting information.

The article : Link
The author:@chichieze
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@chiabertrand


On my Curation day this week, I came across this user's article in which she gave a detailed review of a local business located in her city Uyo as she visited the "NtepsMarth Shopping Mall" and made a good review of most of the goodies found inside the mall with all their prices in her local currency as well as in STEEM. She also had to purchase some goodies in the shopping mall and presented to viewers the receipt.


Best Regards,
Our Curation Team

@kouba01 - #club100
@moecki - #club75
@ozenozge - #club100
@pelon53 - #club100
@fredquantum - #club75
@irawandedy - #club100
@chiabertrand- #club75





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Thank you for another very good report.

Dear @steemcurator01 sir, I gave 25.00% percent beneficiary to @worldsmile Charity account and most of my steem will also go to my Steem Power for #club5050. As such, I will be able to distribute some of this earnings among the flood-affected people. So I invite you to check out my next post. Thanks.🙏
Please see my post.👇

Thank you dear sc01 for your supportive words

Hello sir, @steemcurator01 it seems my article above which was selected by the team has been skipped by you during curation. I humbly plead that you should please look at it.

Wow thanks for the selection @ozenozge, I'm so honoured on this. I will continue to give a more clear and detail review on local business related stores in my area to enable anyone locate and know the type of business going on in my area.

hello,you did a good job we will looking forward your quality articles :)

Thank you very much @fredquantum for nominating my article as one of the best articles. This is a good motivation for me to write more such content on steemit. I will try my best to continue the quality of my content.

Alhamdulillah terima kasih banyak, postingan saya telah dihargai disini, saya sangat senang dan pastinya akan memotivasi saya selanjutnya untuk memberikan yang terbaik lagi.

Thank you very much @chiabertrand for selecting my post. Am really grateful. It's indeed a blessing I received this morning. You have motivated me to make more Quality articles. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all that you poeple do.

Just keel on posting quality and original contents so that you can be standing chances of being selected as the weekly winner

I will Sir, thank you very much. I really appreciate your support.

Thank you for the privilege. And many thanks for this excellent report from Fintech curator team. You are such an excellent team. Special thanks @kouba01 for selecting my article. I hope to continue contributing my best in writing quality and informative contents on the platform.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Thank you so much sir @kouba01 for this great report and thanks the entire quality control team for your endless sacrifices in making things move smoothly so far

Thanks for compiling this article about how things went last week under the Finance and Technology theme. We appreciate your effort and I wish you more grease to your elbow. Thank you, @kouba01.