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We have reached the end of the month of May, today I will be presenting the 5th curation report, where we have been using the SC07 curation account. The Team has 4 members, where each day one team member is responsible for doing the curatorial work. This week included only 3 days.

Below, we will show the statistics obtained during these last 3 days:


Total posts checked and curated

The total number of posts checked by Team 5, during the last week were 119, of which 69 posts were supported with the SC07 curator account and 50 posts were skipped due to low quality or did not belong to any club. Let's take a look at this week's results.



Total posts by club status

This fifth week was dominated by posts with the status of club5050, where 33 posts were found, followed closely by club100 with 27 posts that belonged to club100. Here are the results.



Nationalities visited by our team

In this last week, 12 different countries were visited by our Team 5, using the curatorial account SC07. The most visited country was Indonesia with 16 voted posts from users belonging to that country and followed by the country of Venezuela with 15 Posts voted from users belonging to that country. Below, you can see the complete list of the countries visited and the amount of post rewarded with the SC07 account.



Languages of posts that our team voted

Regarding languages, in this last week we found posts from authors written in 8 different languages, predominantly the English language with 33 posts written by authors in the English language, followed by the Spanish language with 15 posts written by authors in this language. Let's see the complete list of languages covered by our team.



Communities our team visited

Our team visited 25 different communities during the past week, the Steem For Bangladesh and Steem Entrepreneurs communities were the most visited with 6 voted posts each community.



Voted posts

In the past week we have voted for 5 comments, where quality comments were found.



The 3 best posts of the week

Article 1:

Author: @zubaer

Club status: #Club5050

Selected by: @chant

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

Reason: The author wrote about a journey he made with his friends to a newly constructed resort. He attached quality images of the resort with his friends. He equally added the what3word location of the place. The post presentation was good and attractive to read as he applied markdown on the post.


Article 2:

Author: @elrazi

Club status: #Club100

Selected by: @pelon53

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

The author tells us about friendly vineyards that he visited in the past, and where they can apply this same system of friendly vineyards, they will have to prepare the land in their village and then plant and apply this technique to these vineyards, where it would attract visitors, because it would be a beautiful place to visit. Interesting proposal.


Article 3:

Author: @jannatmou

Club status: #Club75

Selected by: @deepak94

Post: Link

Reasons for Selection:

User has entered a contest hosted by the community. And he has very well explained the benefits of brushing in his post. Which is very important. She has molded his post in good markdown style. The user has written all the important aspects asked in the contest very well.


Team 5

NameCountryClub Status

Written by: pelon53

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Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

Thank you very much for appreciating our work and your support. I hope you are having a good time.

God bless you and best regards

Terima kasih tuan @pelon53 telah memilih postingan saya ditop post minggu ini, dan terima kasih tim 05 telah bekerja dengan sangat baik.
Semoga sukses selalu 👏❤

Espero seguir viendo buenas publicaciones de tu parte. Saludos y bendiciones

Thanks sir @chant for selecting my post. I am very happy and excited that my post has been selected. Your support motivates me to do better. I am very encouraged and motivated. Best wishes to all.

Segue con le buen trabajo. Espero que la pases bien, saludos

Thank you so much.

Hello my dear sir @pelon53

I am very glad that you selected the post with your nice comments. You have written every letter accurately with very nice markdown usage. The community team has prepared a list of visiting. You've posted numerous messages about polls and curation. I know it took you three hours to create this post. At least three people posted links and made nice comments. I always respect your hard work from the bottom of my heart. You have given us your valuable time. I am very inspired. I always congratulate you. We also invite you to travel to Bangladesh full of nature.I wish you always success my dear sir

Best regard the for you @deepak94

Regard @jannatmou

Saludos amiga, muchas gracias por el apoyo. Que estés bien.

You are most wellcome sir