Vlog 457: Out with the old in with the new!

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Yesterday we had the AMA with Justin Sun and Ned.

No token swap anytime soon and communities launch next week!

Here's my take of the whole event.

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Hi @exyle - Do you happen to know which accounts they control which make up 75m SP. Is it @steemit @steem @misterdelegation who owns @cherrytomato2. Would be great to have the clarity so we can feel decentralised when the accounts are effectively dormant.

Well, there are surely CEO's and investors full of so much pride they might destroy their own investment, but I don't think that he is one of them. He did indicate that he doesn't fully understand this ecosystem, so I think it's our job to show him that we want to work together and that our cooperation can end up being the best thing that has ever happened to him. Imagine him owning the most succesful and revolutionary application of blockchain. He doesn't need to do much, just keep us around and get the word out. I wrote an article just now about how he can keep us around. I would love if you could share your input!

A new broom in the house is always a good thing.
It'll clean out some wolfs in sheep's clothing.

I wasn't able to participate in the AMA, so thanks for this awesome concise overview of what happened. I really appreciate it along with your opinion on the whole thing!

Man all is well!! We’re back to Exyle video updates. Lol Good to see you back and pumped up man.

Thanks, man! Feeling better and better. For now, I just concentrate on what I have heard and put most fud out of the way, it would drive anyone insane.

Who knows, I think he may just not realise his building something he will eventually have less and less control over if he follows the team's roadmap. I think that if he can expedite the dev that we've been sitting on for months/years more power to the guy.

At the end of the day its results we all want, we may not all agree on how we get there but we all know we want this place to fulfil the potential it's sitting on


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Good to see a great video

Looking for background that Justin Sun has I don't see that anything will go wrong about this "partnership"... TRON/STEEM.

I still can't ignore the fact that the aim is to make Steem a Tron token. They might take their time doing it but its still going to happen. Until that's off the agenda, I'm not sure if the future for Steem is that promising. I didn't like Stinc having too much power and now that has been handed to Tron. I hope the witnesses and devs can stay in control and make sure that Steem isn't just a Tron token.

Well, today Justin Sun claims on Twitter that token swap and migration is going to start again. Did something happen between the stream and now? Because those two messages are completely opposite.

I think that the tweet is already deleted. I just go by what I heard from the AMA and await new facts. I can't deal with FUD, drive me nuts.

Heh yeah, you're right, the tweet is gone. He just keeps confusing us, make up your damn mind Justin. It's confusing enough as is without him going back and forth all the time.

I guess I need to take a step back myself, worrying about it all the time is not healthy.

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Yes I say bring it on

Let's go!

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