Vlog 458: A new dawn, steem on!

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I haven't been this pumped about Steem for a while.

After the interview with Andrew, I think a lot of the Fud was cleared.

I believe more than ever know that Steemit with Justin on board has the potential to create great things.

Then after the interview, the team made personal statements about where they stand in all of this and they all said they stand with the community.

That is a powerful statement that should not be underestimated.

I think it's now up to us to say that we stand with the team. I sure do.

Change is not always bad but it can be scary regardless. It's up to an individual how to approach such an event.

I choose to see all the good that this can bring, but make no mistake, I will fight for Steem if it ever comes to that.

Steem on.

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I said it on twitter. Information is important. I think the biggest issue was the silence on the steemit side and the mixed news from tron. There really should have been something prepared before announcing it to the world. Just a statement with the basics of the deal and a rough plan. I know it will take them time to actually make a proper plan to move forward but you can't leave that much room for speculation.

You nailed it. We lost out of everything due to poor communication. Steemit Inc would have said something well before Justin.

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The way I see it, if the team was informed at the same time as us that this deal happened, there was no time to make any statement because they also didn't have any facts.

But at the same time the TRON marketing machine (what they are good at and we so much need) was already running at full swing with unfounded information.

I don't blame them. What could they have done? With no facts.

From the interview, I learned that there will be soon more talks with the engineering and marketing team of TRON and things will become more clear very soon. But the fud that was going around has now been cleared.

It will take a long time to get the full plans in place. They will have to see what they are actually dealing with first and the best way to tie in the two systems. At least we have plenty developments to look forward to in the next few months.

Hopefully we get to see what a good marketing team can do with a great product.

Yes @niallon ...

"Hopefully we get to see what a good marketing team can do with a great product."

... we can only hope. Plus ... The resources to bring the long-promised, but not yet delivered potential of Steem to life, e.g. SMTs ...

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Hope the Steem Inc team actually be more interactive and social on Steemit the platform they are building.

If you are so excited why haven't you cancelled the power down?

After the interview with Andrew, I think a lot of the Fud was cleared.
I believe more than ever know that Steemit with Justin on board has the potential to create great things.

Good, but in all a timely communication would have gotten this FUD averted. Community needs to hear leaders each time a change is envisaged.

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great vid

Hello you . Great vlog

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Hooray! This brings me a great feeling! Its great to see you smiling in the sunshine exyle and I feel positive that this new dawn will bring strength to our community and we will continue to have a wonderful home here on the Steem blockchain for many years to come. Much love and appreciation for your work and your community leadership during these uncertain times x Basil

I can't handle negativity for too long. It drives me nuts. I know anything can happen but for now, it looks much better then ppl claimed.

That is great to know that one of the good witnesses is going to stick with us no matter how things go. I think a lot of us appreciate that.

Thanks, man.

Thanks for doing the interview Exyle <3 Enjoy this freaking sunny day and go to bed early tonight :D

Thanks! And yes, early bed tonight for sure.

your vlog is interesting...

great vlog...

The timing was horrendous for the Steemit team going into the Presidents Day weekend, really feel bad for them.

I'm 100% in agreement with you and will be shouting about this. Steemit can now provide a central marketing and leadership role and this will draw in more development work and more projects. We already know this is the place for Dapps, now more people get to hear this secret the Steemit team was keeping so quiet about!

Yeah, the timing was extremely unfortunate, to say the least.

I hope the marketing will ramp up soon.

Thanks for sorting the interview with Andrew 👍🏽

Time now to listen to the new dawn 😁

Loved your interview with Andrew @andrarchy , upped and resteemed his post,will do the same with yours to spread the great news! I am Pumped my friend and looking forward to the future of this awesome platform and Steem, Appics etc. I'm very optimistic and staying positive I'm sure it will be Epic!👍👍👍💯✌

Me too... good things coming for Steem .... HODL on

We are much stronger when we stand together! Loved you Vlog as well, I am also very excited about the future here, it's going to be Epic!❤👍👍👍✌

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steem on :)

omg, full screen as well! lol.

hehe, full screen just for the photo

Yes. Good things ahead for Steem. HODL on ....

Excellent update! You definitely have my witness vote!👍😎

Thank you so much for the vote!

Your enthusiasm for this information is amazing and contagious. I appreciate the reassurance provided by the interview and this blog. I agree with your assessment, based on what I have been told Justin Sun can bring developers, money and great marketing to Steemit and Steem. I believe he’s a good businessman who wants to profit from his investment, so we have a common goal.
I hope you sleep better tonight. 😊

Thanks, I think it will be an early night indeed :)

To think of it. Before a butterfly comes out of a caterpillar, it has to undergo metamorphosis. I believe this is it for steem. Let's see how beautiful we can grow into

I couldn't agree with you more @exyle, Ned was checked out. We need to watch carefully, but from the interview you had, and a lot of Research on my part I think we are starting a new chapter with Justin Son! I went and signed into Tronscan Tron blockchain explorer, and this could be very exciting!
Did you know you can use your Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet on Trons blockchain explorer, That's a plus ...and the connection to another DEX....Possibilities!!!!!
Yes I HODL some TRX too......
I didn't see anything negative, they really need Steem and all of our expertise, and we need there funding...a win, win !
I have put so much time and effort into Steem, like you and so many others, this is home!!
Steem On!!!!🤗

PS you have my Witness vote my friend!🤗

Thanks so much for the support man, that is appreciated!

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