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Life Is But A Game

The world is rapidly changing. Part of this is the opportunities presented by blockchain and cryptocurrency. While the mainstream population is not presently involved, we are seeing the early signs of how massive this can be. There is the potential to generate enormous wealth over the next 15-20 years.

A large part of the process is gamifying our different projects.

To start, let us look at what Gamification means. According to Wikipedia:

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.It can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements. Gamification commonly employs game design elements to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, flow, learning, crowdsourcing, employee recruitment and evaluation, ease of use, usefulness of systems, traffic violations, voter apathy, and more.

In short, a great deal of this focuses upon user engagement and the experience each individual is having. It often comes in some form of incentive, both monetary and non-monetary.

Cryptocurrency is changing the entire premise of gamification. This is simple because user experience is often tied to reward. Cryptocurrency provides the ability to incentivize anything.

Another aspect to this is it offers the potential to generate outsized returns. The typical ROI of 3% of 5% is not even in the ball park. Gamification can lead to rewards that would make Warren Buffett blush.


One of the platforms that already did this is @actifit. They created a marketplace where "Booster Packs" can be purchased using the AFIT token. They packs end up increasing the rewards one receives for the activity done. Thus, we see another layer of incentive provided. It also provides elements of a game with different levels required before accessing another levels of boosters.


As we can see, the idea of gamification is really penetrated this application. The team behind the project came up with different ways to enhance the user experience with the application while also adding greater rewards.

I conducted a bit of an experiment to see what kind of returns this offered out. The amount of AFIT spent was 305. This allowed me to buy a number of booster packs that were good for a period of between 5-8 reports. So as not to confuse things, I refrained from adding more during the last few days so I could get a full accounting.

The addition rewards ended up totaling just over 335. That means, in 8 days, I netted 30 additional AFIT. This might not sound like much but when we put it through the lens of percentages, it is astounding.

30 divided by 305 equals 9.83% return in 8 days. On an annualized basis, this equates to 448.76%.

Would you like to get near a 450% annualized return on all your investments?

Certainly, this is just one result in a small window. There are many factors that go into this and it will likely vary from each individual. The point here is that it is likely that I can receive a wonderful return over the course of a year for the AFIT I use to purchase the booster packs. Even if it drops to 250%, who is going to complain about that?

Blend Of Gaming And Life

I chose to use Actifit as example because it is not a game. It is one thing for Splinterlands to bring out a new feature that boost payouts in the game, yet that would not really showcase the potential.

Actifit is an application that rewards people for doing what they do on an everyday basis. It is something that most can identify with. The application essentially rewards people for moving.

While this does exemplify how a real world activity can be gamified, it also shows the need for a shift in mindset. We are embarking upon the move towards Web 3.0 which, ultimately, will be the spatial web. This means the lines between reality as we know and the virtual world will be blurred.

It also means that we are going to be offered the opportunity to gamify everything. When all is connected to the Internet which is accessed via some type of extended reality device, we see this potential in everything.


I wrote a while back how the idea of gaming and online businesses are going to be one. Essentially, we are going to see a game be a virtual business and vice versa. People are going to be amazed at the wealth potential that comes from this arena.

Presently, there is an estimated $225 trillion worth of real estate around the globe. We also see tens of trillions in stocks and art work. Intellectual property is worth an estimated $10 trillion. All of this is peanuts compared to wealth that will be generated by digital (virtual) assets.

We are literally going to see the value of digital assets cross into the quadrillions. The reason for this is the concept of virtual. Other than the world's computing power, there is no limit to what can be created. Splinterlands, as an example, can create as much virtual real estate as it desires. It can keep coming up with new worlds which people will want a part of. As long as the user base is expanding, this can keep going on.

The key to all of this is the network effect (aka Metcalfe's Law). This will be one of the main premises that we see on the world going forward. When this is couple with something like Moore's Law, we can see the impact.


This is the world that we are facing. It is going to be a very lucrative time. The key is to think about gamification in all that you do. The impact of cryptocurreny is going to be felt in this arena. Today, we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

Ultimately, we are going to see the gamification of everything.

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