Steemit Philippines Team First Virtual Meeting || Community Improvement Plans, Contests, and #club5050 #club75 #club100 Discussion

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The Steemit Philippines Team tries to create concrete ideas on how to keep our members active. After months of serving the Steemit Philippines community, our first “virtual get together” in action finally happened last week. Though, I was not in good condition at that time as I got fever due to my vaccination. But I have to keep going for the improvement of our community. One of our major problems as of now is the continuous dropping of active members. So we try to find ways to bring the community back to life again.

Some of the things discussed during the virtual meeting:

  • #club5050| #club75| #club100 update- weekly, =First week, Second week, Third week, Fourth week.

  • Contest details: Weekly = mini and major contest- initiators and judges;

  • Message all the inactive members from our region using the community account.

  • Invite users outside Steemit Philippines to join our contest and vote post using the community account following the suggested format.

  • Top 3 posts of the day. Our moderators from the different regions were assigned to pick the top posts of the day to be recommended for booming support.

  • Monday to Saturday schedule:



Hoping every Team member will follow the given schedule and do the additional task. We are hoping in this way we can invite more users especially those who are inactive to join us again.

Our meeting lasted for an hour. It was also a chance to know more about our team members, as we have to introduce ourselves, who brought us to Steemit, and how long we've been here in Steemit.

We have different moderators in 3 major islands in the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), and in each region, we have two moderators. We plan to conduct this virtual meeting every month, where we talk about our plans, proposal, and hear individual suggestions for the improvement of the Steemit Philippines community.

Yours sincerely,


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wow! may videocon na naman sila 😁😁 kabibo ninyo sa inyong mga posing.. naay nagpa-cute gyud ba..hahaha

O Te, posing kaayo si @fycee...Pang Miss U na iyaha..😂

hahaha infairness ang saya natin. next time ulit!

Bibo jud kaayo ate...Hahahah

Salamat sa information sir. 😊

Maayo kaayo ka pagka posing diha Dong..😊

😁😁 na chambahan pag posing sir.

Mao jud...Hahahah

Natabunan mn ang nawon dri hahaha. It was nice seeing you all on video.

Klaro gihapon ang kagwapa maski na tabunan..😀


Natabunan bitaw ka ate...Hahahah

Hahahha ok ra na. Kita mn agtang haha

This is such a wonderful meeting with you guys, it's also a nice time to get to know each other too. Let's do it again soon. Promise I won't miss my Wednesday night submission. ^_^

Good luck team Admins and MOD,!

Kayo ang gabay namin dito. Enjoy lang talaga at maging persistent.

Sino absent jan sa video call? hehe I will do my best to be present during the next meeting.


kadako sa ako nawong, dako pa jud ngisi😁

Mao gyud.

@juichi please verify my achievement 4 sir