Steemit Philippines Community Update|| Plans And Guidelines On How Members To Qualify #club5050

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Are you a newcomer? Inactive or active members of The Steemit Philippines, who wants to join the#club5050 but has no steem to power up? This post is for you!

Our goal is to help our members to be always active in our community and this is the reason why we're looking for ideas and alternatives to help them so that they can earn steem, power-up, and can join the #club5050 program. As you have known in our former post that the Steemit Team has strictly enforced the#club5050 initiative rules and we aren't allowed to submit for curators support those who aren't joining this program. This rises confusion to the newcomers and to those who haven't prepared for this new rule and has no steem left on their wallet.

For you to earn steem we suggest you join our different contests and be active in engaging with our community. One of our solutions is to prioritize posts from newcomers so that they can power upon their first payout and can join the#club5050 directly.

Here's our new contest format and prepare yourself to join and win steem!

  • Weekly minor contest; hosted by @long888 and @juichi.
    This is an easy contest about photography, trivia, or anything that came from the host. Just comment down your entry in the contest post.
    Prize pool = 15 steem

  • Weekly major contest; hosted by all the Moderators
    This contest requires you to make a post with more than 300 words. And should be posted in the Steemit Philippines community.
    Prize pool = 50 steem


  • Diary Game, this is our long-running contest hosted by our Admin @loloy202 and our MOD greeter @me2selah and @jb123. In this contest, you'll simply post your diary in a day, talking about your day-to-day life activities.
    Prize pool =30 steem

Note: All contest has different rules to be followed. Our advice is to follow each given instruction for more chances of winning.

All Steemit Philippines Team Moderators are also required to review and do comments on every post within our community. The two Admin @loloy2020 and @juichi are the in-charge of upvoting and commenting on posts using the Steemit Philippines curation account.
We've observed that our active users are slowly dropping. One of our solutions to maintain the active users in our community is to invite users from other countries and treat them fairly the way Filipinos are treated.

We hope that this solution that we have discussed will help all our members to be active and make our community lively. We want to maintain the support of the curators, and we could not have it without your support our treasured members.

Show your support by delegating your steempower to our community.


Delegate 50 SP | Delegate 100 SP | Delegate 150 SP | Delegate 200 SP | Delegate 250 SP | Delegate 300 SP | Delegate 350 SP | Delegate 400 SP | Delegate 500 SP | Delegate 750 SP | Delegate 1000 SP


Kind regards to all!
The Steemit Philippines Team.

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I definitely support this initiative. I will now look for some rooms of improvement for Luzon to be active again. Including myself. Let's get it on.

A lot to be looked forward to from this wonderful community!

Ride on everyone!!!

wow! its a great idea and thank you for the update

Thank you for the new update @steemitphcurator. 😊

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Nice idea @steemitphcurator. This is really helpful, to improve the SP of our fellow countrymen. Nice proposal. And hopes it would be notice by the steemit team for a chance to be selected for the communities of the month by December with the support of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02.

mahirap nga para sa mga newcomers..i hope this can help them

Thank you for the update. Hopefully more of our members ang magparticipate sa community contests!

Good initiative and I encourage also to join my singing contest , kahit di manalo 0.500 pang consolation prizes. Maubos din ang mga magagaling dahil ang magaling ay hindi na makasali o mapipili.

Yes po ate..salamat sa pa contest.

Welcome dong

Nice initiative for newcomers like @adajamaima read this and just post n post.

Wow, this is of great help. MAraming tulong to as kagaya kong nangangapa pa dito. Salamat sa guidance ymoms.

Read and read po tayo,.tapos adjust sa mga rules. Welcome po sa mga kakagawa lang ng account. Mahirap minsan mag isip ng isusulat pero alam Kong kaya nyo yan. Yan na po lahat sa taas Ang mga pwedeng salihan. Pinakamadali ang diary game kasi mga ganap ganap sa yong buhay dito ay welcome na welcome. At Sana Ang iba wag magatubili mag upvotes ng mga blog ng iba,.may voting power tayo di po naaubos minsan. Salamat.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. We badly need this kind of activities for us to be able to have an alternative way of powering up. Good job guys! 😊

@jeycel and @rosskenn try to join the contest to earn more steem.

Thank you, for your helpful information.
It's timely and quite appreciated.