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Hello steemians
I’m excited to present to you achievement two post on basic security tips on Steemit.
I’d like to begin by defining security
Security is the quality or state of being safe. Also security is said to be an instrument of investment in the form of a document (such as a stock certificate or bond) providing evidence of its ownership

Password Is a sequence of characters required for access to a computer system

Have I been able to retrieve all my keys on steemit?

Yes, all my keys have being claimed on my keys on steemit. I have stored them on my Gmail account and starred them. By so doing I will be able to access them no matter where I find myself.

Do you know each of these keys functions and restrictions?

Yes, I have a very fair knowledge about the various keys and their respective functions and restrictions.
I’d like to begin with the Posting Key; this key allows accounts to post, edit, vote, comment, resteem, follow and mute other accounts. That is when you login with this key, all these processes are allowed. Its existence it also to restrict the damaging the account key would cause.

Active Key; the functions of this key is very delicate, it is used to transfer funds , power up/down transactions, voting for witness, converting of Steem Dollars, placing a market order and updating profile details and avatar.

Owner Key; this key is the most powerful key. This is because it can change any key of an account including the owner key. Its safe storage is meant to be put offline and only used to recover compromised account.

Memo Key; this is key is used for encrypting and decrypting memos when transferring funds. is another part that you have the access to make different monetary transactions. It is different than In you will see your STEEM, SBD, SP and TRX balances. Check the details below.

STEEM is the cryptocurrency that can be bough in the exchanges, markets with different pairs. Besides buying you can earn STEEM by creating a content. SBD is another cryptocurrency, same you can buy or earn. Earning STEEM and SBD can be done through Steemit platform when you create a content, people upvote you, by upvoting they create or print 50% STEEM which will go to your wallet as a Steem Power and 50% SBD. Or you can choose 100% STEEM POWER when creating your post.



Steem power is your steem balance that you can power up, so you can have a power when curating a post, you can upvote others, you can upvote yourself. You can power down them and get your Steem back for 4 weeks. Every week 25%.
TRX is also another cryptocurrency, you earn TRX when you get the pay-out from your content once created after 7 days. Tron and Steem made a partnership. You can use your TRX coins in your TronLink wallet for different purposes.


Do you know how to power up your Steem?
Yes, powering up of Steem is also done with some series of steps which are listed below.
Step one; move to your profile
Step two; Click on Wallet
Step three; Click on the arrow pointed down on Steem.
Step four; Click on power up
Step five; Put the amount for the power up and click the Power Up to confirm.

Knowing the keys and it functions will help you to access steemit anytime and anywhere.

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