The story of orchids and trees in the forest.

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Hello Everyone

Good night and have a good rest steemian friends. Meet me again at the same opportunity. On this occasion, I want to post about Orchid. But it's not Photography, it's a story that motivates us.


Once upon a time, in a forest, there was an orchid that grew attached to the base of the trunk of a large tree.

Orchid is very comfortable with the tree because in addition to being able to get enough food, he is also protected from the hot sun and the heavy rain that flushed.

However, one time, a big disaster came. The wind was blowing hard at that time, accompanied by very heavy rain. Suddenly lightning struck. "Blaaarr !!" loudly, right in the big tree where the orchids take shelter.

The trunk which was large and sturdy, has now broken several parts. The tree that had been the orchid's house had been destroyed, almost falling apart.

Orchid is crying uncontrollably, afraid of its future. "Trees ... you have protected me from heat and rain all this time. Why are you being like this? You are also good to let me take some food from your stems. Now ... You yourself have only a few green leaves left in some of the remaining stems. Who else will protect me? "

The remaining tree, seeing the orchid continued to cry, greeted his best friend.

"O orchid. Do not Cry. I also experienced a very difficult incident. But, I'm grateful to be able to stay alive even with just a little remaining leaves in my baton.

I am sure, with this leftover, I will still be able to grow again, even though it is not as perfect as before. So do you. Look, the sparkle of the morning sun that now directly hits you.

You look more beautiful, plus the dew on your body. The heat of the sun and the rain that directly hits you, will surely make you more fertile, beautiful and have more flowering.

Surely more and more will admire your beauty. "

Orchid jerked by the words of his best friend's tree. He is now aware. The exam last night actually opened up something else that had never been thought of so far. Beautiful orchids, it turns out much more beautiful when exposed to direct sunlight.

The water that hits it directly, also makes orchids grow more fertile.

Extraordinary Friends...

Same with us who often fall asleep in the comfort zone, sometimes no longer feel the need to learn and improve. The more comfortable someone is, he no longer wants to leave.

In fact, out there, sometimes there are opportunities that are far more beautiful, more pleasant, more productive, many of which can still be explored.

That is what sometimes makes a person stop, slow down, and in the end eventually get swept away by the progress of time or the changes that occur.

Events called disasters or disasters are often needed to be present to remind us to be introspective and start learning again.

At the beginning of the incident, it's only natural that we might "cry" like the orchid. But we need to believe, that it all came to bring us to be better and better.

Come on, keep on preparing yourself. Evaluate every day, do endless learning. Not afraid of threats and trials that can come at any time.


Because often that's where mental growth is happening to meet the success we will achieve.

I Love Steem...😘😘
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