Who I Follow On Steem And Why [You are All Amazing!]

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Back in the 90's, they used to warn you about meeting people online. These days, whole social networks are built, connecting people who have never even met in real life. The Steemiverse has connected me to the most creative, interesting, beautiful people that I am utterly privileged to know. For the last two years, I've laughed, cried, relied upon, been inspired by, and loved by many of the people below, and boy I've loved them in return! When @theycallmedan asked for my top 3 Steemians, I baulked. I really, really didn't want to do it, because I don't like leaving people out, because the little child in me knows what that feels like. Then I reallised the blockchain here is kinda anything goes. We break rules all the time. Hence, I'm going to mention everyone I can think of, and if I missed everyone, I'm going to slap myself with nettles and beg your forgiveness.

Hence, my favourite Steemians, and the ones I follow and love, are as follows. They are in no order - I wrote about them as they popped into my head. Big, big love to ALL of you for all that you do. Thanks for being part of my world.

How can you not love a woman like this? Image Source

@plantstoplanks and I have only recently got to know each other on Steem, but I immensely respect her. Not only does she write quality content, but somehow she expresses this energy and passion for plant based health that no one else does quite like her. Her posts always are a refreshing arrival in my feed - and her food is to die for. Like me, she's a little introverted in real life, but she loves Steem like the best of us and cares about where it's going and what she can contribute to it. She's such a loving soul and it just comes out in all her posts. I dare you to hate on vegans after getting to know @plantstoplanks. She also contributes to Steem through her work with @lenasveganliving #fruitsandveggiesmonday, which has been going on Steem for about 2 years now and is a valuable part of the Steem universe, and @yourtop3, which is a great challenge to get involved with too. @plantstoplanks reminds me of how important it is to follow your passions, and to be positive and cheerful even when life gets busy and tough! She's super kind and super lovely and you should definitely follow her, even if you eat meat.

@artemislives is an absolute goddess of a woman, running her own herbal business in Chiang Mai, and raising her jewel of a daughter, Ploi. She always keeps me on my toes with her directness but I have learnt a lot from her and enjoy chatting to her about how to best promote Steem to the outside world. She writes authorititive natural medicine posts backed by good research and I love reading about the plants in her 100 year old Thai garden. A die hard Steemian, this woman is a formidable force and I admire her greatly.

@walkerland, where are you? I miss her so much. Actually, I know where she is - she's busy with her own natural cosmetic company which she started last year, selling the most amazing soaps and other products. I do miss reading about her life in Canada in her beautiful off grid home. She is also a great photographer and I miss her beautiful photos. Hopefully when things settle down business wise she'll come back to us - she was a real assett to Steem. I first met her when I saw her incredible kitchen. One day I'm going to have a cuppa in that kitchen, I swear - especially if Steem rises and I can afford the airfare!

Image by @walkerland
@walkerland's gorgeous kitchen

As I go through the list of people I follow, I have to say that one of the reasons I love Steemfolk is their infinite bounds of creativity. It's one of the things that really attracts me to this platform. Even if you don't THINK you're creative to start with, Steem will teach you that you have more of it than you thought possible.


@nateonsteemit - ah, the biggest advocate for independent, resilient backyard farming on Steem. His enthusiasm knows no bounds. It's amazing how you can really see a project progress over two years on Steem, and goodness, you'd never believe how many trees and how much comfrey can fit into a small backyard in Texas. If you had have told me one of my fave people would be some guy in Texas I would have laughed, but boy I'm glad he's around. He makes me laugh all the time, and inspires me. He also writes very, very well - and I always appreciate the posts where he gets all philosophical and waxes lyrical about the possiblity we all have for a new world. Here's him getting super excited about a wild harvest of mullein. He's a forager, a farmer, a father and a flippin' awesome human being.

@nateonsteemit and his successful mullein hunt.

@revisesociology is another old timer here I appreciate. He has a head for figures and economics that I just don't, so I always find his posts interesting. I also admire him for retiring from teaching early and sorting his budget out so he can manage it. I also have this fantastic memory of him eating spaghetti in the woods which would make no sense to anyone else, unless you also were part of that great survival challenge that someone used to do on this platform - @canadianrenegade, bring that challenge back! Gee I miss those days of really great creative contests here! He also has the best beard on Steem in my opinion.

@jonyoudyer, head of canna-curate, is also someone I really rate here - he's a really genuine bloke too (I'm starting to think that's a quality I really like haha). He's kind and calm and always got your back if you need him. @canna-curate is a really essential part of the Steemiverse and so is it's head. Whilst we're on the subject of cannabis crew, @richardcrill from Weedcash has also been a gem as I set up @naturalmedicine and @hotsauceislethal has been a great presence in the Natural Medicine channel too. I really am grateful for the advice of canna crew who always come through when I need it.

@fenngen is a more recent friend, but I really love his writing. He's another quiet, philosophical creative soul who is always willing to help. I've even started writing a story with him which involves a guru mouse! Although I keep spelling his name wrong, I do really appreciate his presence on the chain and his writings on meditation.

@porters is another legend on Steem. She lives in the Boreal forest in Canada in the middle of nowhere. It's the most beautiful place in nature you can imagine! She is really into vipassana meditation, and indoor gardening under grow lights with her very short growing season. I love her wednesday walks in nature with Bruno, her dog, where I can just imagine the sound of the geese taking off and the frost making everything look like Christmas. She will do anything for anyone and is one of my most valued curators.

Which, of course, makes me think about community - Steem is amazing for community. Without it, the individual on Steem cannot rise up.


@whatamidoing Zack is one of the first Steemians I interacted with on Steemit. I really enjoyed his Deadpost iniative to give some rewards to old content. It's been lovely watching him navigate the often tricky thing we call life and engage with it philosophically and with his own gentle and creative way. I can't imagine Steem without his musings - they're never contrived, and he is always genuine. I was recently gobsmacked by his generous delegation to @naturalmedicine.

@vincentnijman has a similiar genuine, creative vibe to him and I have to pair him with @whatamidoing because those two are firm friends and have even recently being doing a podcast together. I'll be visiting Vincent when we drive through Portugal this year. He's a mod in Natural Medicine and always makes people welcome. His blog is populated by beautiful views of Portuguese mountains, his love of film, creative writing leaping with tigers and crocodiles, word play in four language, and a love of family. Love you mate!

This is @vincentnijman as a kid. I wonder if he is thinking about tigers.

For those of you familiar with @alchemage's youtube 'wake and bake' style clips where he enjoys a bong and philosophises about all kinds of interesting alchemical things, you'll know exactly what I mean. I don't watch a lot of videos - I prefer text, and I simply don't have time to listen to 15 minutes of ramblings. Who was this lion maned tie died shirt wearing stoner? I felt a little intimidated by him too, because damn he was smart. And how the hell did I pronounce his name? Ypyskypo Skwyrl, I STILL don't know how to pronounce your name. This is going to be a problem when I finally meet you in real life, should the stars align and I get to the Pacific North West. Then, I started getting involved with him on the @naturalmedicine project, and realised he was a guy I wanted on my team. He was smart, funny (like me, he loves word play) and he was working on a lot of personal stuff to make his life better, including giving up alcohol and working on his relationship with the love of his life. We spent a lot of time in Discord chatting about life and love, and I felt really chufffed he had chosen me to confide in, something that warms my heart to this day. Not only did he finish a degree in chemistry, but he got accepted into a natural medicine school to become a naturopath - something I had always, always wanted to do. Given how busy things are, he hasn't posted much on Steem lately but I know I can call on him whenever I'm down and if I need him , he's there. I trust his advice implicitly and always appreciate his intelligent, philosophical input in any discussions in the Natural Medicine Discord channel. His polite, loving interactions with others on Steem set a benchmark for me to follow - he's the most empathetic person I know and is going to be an amazing healer. Whilst I still rarely get through his videos, I do devour his written posts, some of which are a real assett to the natural medicine world as he writes up his research papers and dives deep into some really interesting health content.

@metametheus is on a bit of a Steem hiatus at the moment as he deals with real life, but he's seriously one of the most brilliant writers on Steem. He's deeply philosophical, and super knowledgeable about Chinese medicine. He has the dubious claim of being the only Steemian I've met in real life - he only lives an hour away in Melbourne so there was no excuse not to meet.

@trucklife-family has a heart of gold and I'm going to catch up with her in Spain. I admire her heart, her open tenderness, her love for her children and the Earth, her poetry, and she even has a truck just like I used to own. She was one of my first friends on Steem and I love her to bits.

@goldenoakfarm is a homesteading gem here who meticulously records day to day life on her homestead. I might not catch everything she does, but I love popping in to see progress on her house build or her food storage/harvest, and appreciate her stopping by and commenting on my posts too!

@minismallholding is another homesteader I avidly follow. Intelligent and hard working, she's a steem player and here for the long haul. I've had the priveledge of working with her on a few projects and she is a big part of this place. One day I hope to drive past for a cuppa at hers in Radelaide.

@abh12345 rocks with his posts which often gives me pie charts I don't understand but still appreciate. I love the work he puts into Steem and how much he invests in it, and hope to meet him for a pint one day.

There's a few other writers here too that I love catching up with and appreciate the work they do - @pennsif, @soyrosa, @eco-alex, @freedompoint, @mrprofessor, @derangedvisions, @galenkp. There's a lot of new users too that I hope sick around - @joseeb, @badseedalchemist, @herbalist-fox. There's others I wonder when they're going to come back as I loved their work and energy - @mountainjewel (you don't need a paragraph, you know how great you are and what a friend you've been to me here, though we haven't seen you in ages and I doubht you'll even see this post!), @rawutah, @sagescrub, @wildhomesteading. The more I think about it, the more amazing I think Steem is - it's full of incredible people. @raj808 - eeek, I only just remembered to add you - this isn't because you aren't awesome, but because this is a freaking hard post to write and my memory is like a sieve.

I have reached the point in this post where I'm a little worried I've missed someone really important. In fact, I know I have. If I missed you, berate me in the comments, and I'll attempt to rectify it with some loving words and virtual hugs and kisses. You all rock. You truly, truly do.

@naturalmedicine II Discord Invite II #naturalmedicine

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Well that's a pretty comprehensively awesome collection of people you follow! I'm glad you said what you said about @plantstoplanks as she is one of the most genuine people (along with the @yourtop3 friends and legends) I've met on the steem platform - probably one of the first people who genuinely got me thinking more about plant based dieting given that she's a pretty epic athlete so it has caused a brain malfunction in the scientific part of my head haha!

I have seen a few of those names you mentioned around the place too but a lot I don't know - hopefully in time we'll cross paths and get more involved... running out of room on my epic whiteboard to do things though haha!

Catch you around!


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I always LOVE seeing your comments on peoples posts ... you have a gift when I get tongue tied!!!

Haha you call it a gift, I call it "enthusiastic rambling" 😁 thank you though!

Aww shucks, thanks Nicky! It makes it easy when you are surrounded by some other truly genuine and talented peeps to keep you lifted up. I can honestly say the friendships and interactions I've had here on Steem have pushed me to continue to grow and add to my own whiteboard of things I want to accomplish. 😉

If spreadsheets aren't on that whiteboard, I'm going to be upset 😜

Honoured my dear, in a truly forthright & formidable way... 🤣

**quakes in boots...

LOL.... x

Thanks for the mention :) we'll get to Mr. Mouse in due time, right now he must be in deep meditation...

I think he must be!

Proud to sneak onto your list, even if I do provide the content you understand the least :D Beers on me!

Ha, ta. I am prob more savvy than I give myself credit for. And I do enjoy your pretty coloured pie charts ;p

I can feel the love rays radiating from this post. You have a talent of talking about others in the best way possible.

You know I love you to the moon and back, right? ;>)

P.S. I was probably thinking of sand /desert tigers on that picture. According to my mom, I was 5 years young there and I believe it was taken in the South of France, not too far from the Pyrenees ( mountains bordering Spain ), in the huge garden of my grand parent's summer house ( that was, unfortunately sold in 1990, when I was 8 years old. Many of my happiest memories stem from that place and time.

P.P.S. Any guestimate of when you will be in Portugal? I have to make sure that I'm around


August we hope! You are too cute in this pic. I love you to moon and back too!


August. That should work. Or, let's just say that I'll make sure to be around. It's very hard to predict how much time I'll spend in Portugal in the near future, as I might be renting out my house. No matter what, time will tell and my twin sister and fam live here too and I like this country, so I won't run away

Um abraço

Hey thanks for the mention.

I miss those days with the renegade competitions, they were somehow more innocent times!

Now I feel like part of the furniture, or worse, 'grown up'.


Thanks for the tokens! They were such fun times and I do wish that steem spirit returns one day.

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I just finished my post after yours ha. I love you to bits too and can not wait to see you in a few months, can't bloody wait.
I put Vincent and Zach together as well, funny that but the two of them do belong together. This is such a beautiful write up, but how hard was it to do, I kept of thinking of folk, but I just had to stop. 3 or ore, as if, there are just too darn many xxx

I know right.. they are peas in a pod. Funny we were writing and posting at same time. For ages I didn't want to do this post and still feel ill about the thought of missing someone!

Ha ha, you squeezed me in right at the end, and I'm honored to be included in the list.

Truth be told I've been struggling with steem, and a lot of other things in life also the last few weeks. Then I check my mentions section on steemworld and see both you and trucklife-fam mentioned me in your posts and it brings a smile to my face and the steem spirit soaring in my heart.

Great to know you riverflows :) xx

Someone had to go last, lol!!! Great to know you back. I know its not always easy for you, but still, you are such a creative, soulful person and I appreciate you so much.

Good post featuring some really great users. I did my own a few days ago, in which you, most deservingly, featured.

Oh please tell me I put you in the post. The whole way through I was thinking about you because of how often you drop by and comment, which means the WORLD to me.. plus, your posts are always so thoughtful and articulate AND you are an engagement legend. I haven't had time to check my mentions as I have been hella busy with Landie as you know... oops. Thank you honey... you ROCK. Consider this your much better more detailed mention!!!!!

Haha, I don't think you did but that's not the point. The point is that we engage, that it's fun to do so. I mentioned you in my own who do I follow post because of a few specific reasons and I meant them. I only mentioned five in my post and it was very difficult to narrow it down to that! It was a pleasure having you in there.

Don't worry about being busy mate, that Landie needs you! Lol.


I did! You are right toward end! Phew!

Oh yeah, hiding down the back...Sounds like me at a social function, hiding behind the plant in the corner waiting for the opportune time to escape unnoticed.

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I love reading your posts and comment when I have something to add. No been much work to post about here on the homestead the last couple weeks between massive amounts of paperwork and flu...

Oh that sounds rotten! Enjoy your down time and hope you recover fast!

Oh that sounds rotten!
Enjoy your down time and hope
You recover fast!

                 - riverflows

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Not me, my husband had flu. And he is recovering, slowly. But it means not much to post about.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Oh I'm so happy you didn't stick to just three Steemians! I loved going through the different Steemians with you most who I admire too but I did pick up a few new Steemians to go meet!
Isn't Steem wonderful with all these amazing folks! I keep having to pinch myself to know this is all real with the wonderful opportunities and connections we make here on Steem!
Thanks for sharing your list - I so enjoyed it! And the mention!

It was a lot of fun in the end loving everyone I could! It made me realise how many people I am lucky to know here!

What a bunch of interesting people you follow @riverflows, I will check then out.

I've been thinking of writing my own post but like you have held back because its difficult to name just three people ...

It's so hard. I even meant to throw you in there but forgot! I hate missing people out that I know and respect here!

There are a lot of unique people you follow. I agree, that kitchen deserves a mention just on its own. I have a soft spot for people from Canada and people who grow at least some of their own food.

Thanks for investing your time into putting this together @riverflows. As I indicated in my very first post "in here," the only reason I ever decided to establish my first (and only ...) online presence was to back my original investment in STEEM. And, to do so, I needed to find out more about the "user case," for why that might (or might not ... 😉) have been a good idea ...

Well, after +1-½ years, I am still here. And reading posts like yours, about the endearing and binding engagement amongst such a diverse group of people, is a large part of why.

"Keep on keepin' on!" 👍

This is such an honorable list of wonderful Steem folk...a lot of them I met after @naturalmedicine was established. The beauty of being here is being able to find and connect with like minded people who become your friends and your support net. I’m sure each of them feel the same way about you because you have been so supportive of many including myself. 😘

Great post entry!

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

I can't tell you how much I love that you picked out that photo! 😂 Pretty amazing when someone across the world totally gets you. I still give myself a little nettle slap when I think about how long it took for me to finally join Nat Med, as you and the many other wonderful souls in there have enhanced my Steem experience that much more. As excited as I am for you to get going on your travels, this place will be missing just a little bit of sunshine while you are away. Though I know the awesome thing is you'll share just enough to take us along for the ride!

I'm glad I left myself the opportunity to write on this topic some more after seeing this and so many of the other heartfelt posts. Screw the Hallmark BS, my heart is pretty darn full for Valentine's Day without the box of chocolates. 💚

I need to get more well versed with this site.


Ahhhh.... sweet of you to mention me! Thanks.... You are like a green idle to me (if I had idles) ;P

WAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… :>(

and, NO peanut butter either!!!!