Roasted Chicken With Pickle

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Hello everyone!

I gonna share our dinner. We have here Roasted Chicken locally known here in Philippines as Litson Manok with Pickle popularly known as Atsara to Filipinos. Roasted chicken with pickle is a perfect pair for a new cooked rice. 😋


When I go out and got some money, I decided to buy roasted chicken and pickle. Because it's been a long time that we haven't eaten roasted chicken and pickle.

Sorry I wasn't able to take some pictures while I am outside coz I didn't bring my phone. I left it charging. Also because the supermarket is just a walking distance in our place. I think about 400-500 meters away from our place.

When I got back home and I tasted the roasted chicken and pickle, my tummy becomes so happy eating other dish other than canned goods and noodles. 😋

Thank you Lord for the food and all the blessings.

Grateful lady,


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