The Only Food Left In The Box

in hive-174578 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hello everyone!

It's been two months since lockdown started here in Cebu City. It is exactly one month today since the last time I went out for groceries.

I do not know what's going on the outside, of how is the situation on the highways, in the markets and groceries.

Tomorrow, I am planning to go out to withdraw money that I am going to transfer from my earnings here and from the good samaritan who extended helps. The money that I am going to claim will be for buying foods, for my treatment and to pay my bills partially.

I have to buy some groceries coz I only have few foods left in the box. I need to fill it for another 15 days or a month more stocks consumption. 'Coz it seems that Cebu City will be extended for another 15 days for a Modefied Enhanced Community Quarantine. It only means that work won't be back to normal yet.


Another days to struggle of no work no pay. I know it is really difficult but I need to go on and survive. Sooner or later I will overcome distress.

I am still thankful that there are blessings coming. And that I am still surviving. 😀😀😀

Keep safe always everyone!



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