A wakeup call

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I guess this counts as somewhat of an accomplishment... THE TV is set up.


The "office" is ready for work tomorrow too and, @smallsteps' room is looking relatively good considering what it is. She is happy with it at least and that is all that really matters.

She has been great here so far, I think she is in a holiday mood, though she has never been on a holiday before. Quite relaxed, quite curious and quite happy. She was really excited to have her first bath in the new house - which is a bit of an experience as the bathroom is in the unheated basement, so it is a little chilly.

Gonna be a nice wakeup routine.

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Nice!!! the TV is up!
progress is being done and that's what matters.

Nice!!! the TV is
Up! progress is being done
And that's what matters.

                 - mamalikh13

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey there Haiku Bot
Will you make the move to Hive ?
I surely Hope so.

yep... though I don't watch TV - just a random movie and netflix occasionally.

Consider infrared heating for the basement.

We are having imavesilämpöpumppu. THey have changed the tech to better suit Nordic conditions, although it is a bit more expensive over the course of a year, but a lot cheaper than maalämpö to install.

I meant the basement. You said was it unheated. Installing infrared heaters on the walls and directed at opposing walls would make the space very comfortable and also keep the walls dry and warm. It's been studied in Germany and found a good solution. Cheap to install. You're not heating air but the walls and the floor directly. The drying of the walls and the floor help them insulate better.

ah, so that is basement only?

we have good height in there and old concrete. What we are going to do is when installing the pump, they are going to run all the cabling for floor heating and then we are going to add new concrete (without having to dig it out) because we can do it at the same time, it is quite cheap. we aren't going to reovate muchpast some paint and some hardwearing capet at this point down there, but we might put the laundry in the pump room, as long as the floor drain is okay in there.

btw, i have never tried an IR sauna, you?

No, I haven't.

Nice job with the TV set up.
Kids are resilient, I would camp on our farm when they were infants, before we built the house, then as toddlers and young kiddles.
They did just fine, now that they are all grown, they laugh about it and call me a bad mother. hehe