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At just after midnight, my internet access to the apartment got cut - and I am not even behind on the bills. It seems that they have made an error in the sates and instead of leaving an overlap of a few days like I had asked while we moved, they ended it on the last day of the month. The weird thing is that they have only just posted the new router for the house, which means that they have the wrong date for the startup there, as that was meant to be today.

This might have caused a problem as my wife and myself are working from home with work PCs, plus we are running a personal laptop and desktop (I don't put important keys in my work PC). However, all of that is connected to my phone hotspot and we are still streaming videos simultaneously - definitely,

"first world problems".

However, the new old house is weirdly in an area that doesn't have a fiber network running into it, so I have been forced to take a 4G connection and weirdly, it is going to be slower than my phone. If I was a gamer, I'd be pretty annoyed. But, by summer there will be a 5G network being installed and even though I have a contract for two years, I made sure I can switch over to that once it is operational. The ping should be much, much better than the 4G and the speed is the same as I have now.

What I like about the connection I had is that it was 200Mb either way and the up speed is more important to me than the down, as I can transfer multiple Gigs of photo data to cloud storage often. My old connection was a pain as it was throttled up and the transfer took many hours and often timed out - then I wouldn't know what had transferred and what had been skipped. Annoying AF.

There are still a few billion people without internet in the world and I wonder, are they happier? I am assuming that they may have hard lives in other ways of course - but it woould be an interesting study to see if people without internet connections have stronger IRL social bonds as they rely more on face to face communication.I wonder if they experience less existential fear from global events, as they do not have them pushed in their face 24 hours a day from a hundred digital lines of communication.

I stopped watching the passively fed news over 5 years ago and only consume what I seek for directly, much like troubleshooting practices. I do not feel like I am missing out on much and if anything, I am gaining more clarity as I tend to look a bit deeper as I do not have to try to focus on so many things that are vying for my attention - only the topics I found interesting or important enough to research.

Researching should be the practice of information gathering, unfortunately, the system is set up to sit down and be fed. No wonder we aren't attentive and proactive toward the things that actually affect us.

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according to only about 58.7% of the world population have access to the internet. This is actually a lot lower than I expected in 2019 when the report was made. If you havent been paying attention to the news you probably havent heard that Bernie Sanders is calling the internet a public service. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it.

I am not American - so Bernie Sanders doesn't make the news much here anyway I'd say.

In Finland, every household has access (by law I think) to the internet, if they choose. The connection is slow 1 or 2Mb, but it is enough for essentials and browsing.

I find that fascinated that the government basically considers access to the internet so essential that its codified into national law.


All right, there are no hopeless situations. 4G is also a way out.