The end of a chapter

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A couple hours ago, we closed the door on our apartment for the last time, with the keys left inside. It was a strange feeling to leave as we have lived there for 6 years and it was our first apartment that we owned together, the one we had when we got married and where our daughter came home to. The end of an era and the beginning of the next.


Even our daughter was sad to leave once she realized it was leaving for good - and I really hope hope it is "leaving for good" and the house we have moved into will create a much greater set of experiences than where we were. It is n't the place of course, but perhaps a fresh start will remind lady luck that we are still around, we survived.


Though, they aren't all bad memories and we are lucky that we have the daughter we do, because she is fantastic and I am so glad that she has made it through these last weeks the way she has. I know she isn't even four yet, but her temperament, attitude and behavior at this stage will hopefully set her up for taking responsibility for herself later, and thriving.

Not a bad last photo in the apartment.


THe last days have bee increasingly hectic, but I am hoping that now that we are "in" the new place, we can slowly get organized without having to worry about rushing too much. We of course have a lot to do - but other than setting up @smallstep's temporary room so she has some space to play and an office area for remote work, the rest can wait a few days.


I need a bit of recovery time myself, which is why I am taking a few moments to write. My hands are swollen from carrying and chemicals, my feet from running up and down a thousand stairs, one of my ankles I twisted two or three days, I tore a muscle in my neck... the list goes on...just a little space, some peace and quiet minus without having to carry a box would be great.


I am hoping that in the evening I can get to writing more seriously, as from what I have seen, there is a bit of drama going on around the place and I would like to catch up. The last three days is the least I have been on a blockchain in almost three and a half years.


There seems to be lots of chapters closing of late, lots of new ones opening too though, but the thing with chapters is, they are all part of the same book, a journey where each adds to the last to create a story of a life and while some try to compartmentalize - the truth is that we are always affected by the past in some way - for better or worse, to suffer or be empowered.

I guess it is one measure of a life - to lift people up or pull them down - restriction or growth. I think there is something in there to consider.

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Very beautiful words indeed. And best of luck in the new house! At least covid will give you some time to do all the projects you most assuredly have to do to get "settled in"

We are working remote but at least that means no commute needed most days. I still have to go to the office occasionally for some tasks - due to equipment needs. Lots to do.

All the very best to you and your family for the next exciting chapter!

Sorry it is taking so long to get to comments - my fingers are swollen :D


Congratulations on your new home.
You have a beautiful family.
Take your sweet time getting settled, what's the rush, time will fly by, just watch how quickly your daughter grows up. Remember, you are making
a "home" for those you love the most.
Enjoy every minute, even the exhausting ones.