Wining and dining

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Lots to do today, but got some of the important stuff unpacked at least.


We have a cold cellar under the stairs in the basement for drinks, and while my collection is very small at the moment, I am planning on having it stocked by friends.

Instead of a house warming party, we will have a house wining event, where people bring a bottle of wine and put their name on it. Then, the next time they visit we can drink it together over dinner - that way they might even buy something they would consider drinking themselves :)

We also have a cold storage for food and a lined box in there that has a temperature about that of a fridge - not sure about the summer temperature yet though. We will hopefully fill it with extra food and wild berry juices through the summer months.

Anyway, back to it.

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Nicely stocked - despite your best intentions might even last until the end if quarantine!