Small ideas can change the world.

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Ideas emerge at any moment, anywhere and in the most different possible ways. It is an extremely dynamic process that seems to occur at the same frequency that synapses act in our brains. Although many of them are just a glimpse of something based on a utopia, the fact is that the result of this can bring new ways of thinking and new concepts that can impact the world, causing an important change in each individual who absorbed that particular insight .

But in the middle of it all, a question hangs in the air: Why when the idea is not comprehensive enough (at least in the authors' view) do people have a greater preference for abandoning them than having to work better to develop them?**

No idea is born ready and sometimes you have to go a long way (where elements such as focus, determination, patience, willpower, teamwork and creativity make all the difference) until everything becomes the reality imagined at the beginning of the process. But a possible answer to the question above can be something that can be both good and bad (it depends on each person's view): the media. Be careful with it.


When it comes to the power that this field (of any kind) has on people's way of life, it is very scary how influential the media can be. However, it is easy to see that the media process tends to delimit the view of many people regarding the importance of their ideas and objectives, mainly because they strongly "implant" a very harmful concept (mainly - just to mention a few examples - for those who have problems with low self-esteem / lack of confidence):

"Your ideas will only become visible when they are spread by those who have a greater convincing power than yours".

It can not be denied that this - by a certain point of view - is quite logical (but unfortunately many people do not know how to separate things). Anyone who has a bigger showcase exposure than yours can get it published faster... But that does not mean that the recognition will, in fact, exist because this may represent only a brief moment of euphoria, if the idea does not be as good as it first appeared. Therefore, what remains is the objectivity and quality of the idea (based on a knowledge that really adds something to people's lives), regardless of the showcase in which it is being exposed.


Waiting for recognition for a small idea to take place can take many years, and as I mentioned earlier, it takes a number of factors for this to happen. However, for many people, this can be very complicated for those who do not know how to wait for things to materialize and unfortunately, this ends up being associated with the thought that ideas are not "so big" or "so important" enough. In a quick conclusion, the next step - unfortunately - is to give up.

An idea does not need to have a gigantic reach to be able to change the world (and throughout history good examples do not stop coming because there is always someone working to perfect a new trend) ... It just needs to have an essence that provokes and awakens people's interest and from there, growth (be it in the short, medium or long term) will happen gradually - mainly because of the virtual environment, when used correctly - from the moment the target audience feels benefited by the idea.


If you have an idea, however simple or "silly" it may be, and you believe in it... Never underestimate the power of impact it can have in society, because the world is constantly changed - in parts - precisely due to cultivation of these little seeds by unknown people. So, persisting is essential and keep fighting for the idea to become a reality. As for the "trial"? Let the public decide, because you don't even have the right to bury it without first offering it a chance to "live".

"Be the change you want to see in the world".
(Mahatma Gandhi)

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ideas change the world and then they morph.

I love seeing humans always pushing the bar, changing things, getting attached to ideas.