Expectations=Unknown, And Site Broken? - Countdown To HIVE (x2)

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Welp, this is rather awkward. This post was meant to publish before the fork, but then my internet went kaput, and then Steemit/Steempeak understandably didn't work because of the fork. Or at the very least, it was rather glitchy and I coudn't get to post in time. Clicking "Publish" didn't really do anything. Shame...

Or at least I thought that it didn't do anything. Having published this on OCD before the world went upside down, I thought that it didn't publish, until I finally managed to log-in to HIVE this morning. Still though, I'm happy to now be a part of HIVE, and on Steem.

So, it's managed to somehow post on OCD HIVE, but not OCD Steem...

Still though, whenever you're reading this, my brief thoughts and experiences on this whole HIVE hardfork thing is still relevant. And since I've already written this, may as well just post it, eh? Don't want to throw away a perfectly good post. One particular thing that is relevant however, is that I couldn't log-in to HIVE... could you?

Well here we go, on a new journey. If my time conversion is correct, HIVE will be forked out of Steem in less than an hour, and I don't really know what to expect. I suppose there'll be some initial chaos of getting stuff sorted out, and I expect there to be some hitches for its initial launch.

It'll be 10PM here in Malaysia when it's open for business, and I may just log in for a bit to have a peek see. For now, the user interface looks exactly like Steemit. I tried to enter my credentials earlier, but it says that my password is incorrect. Well, either I've forgotten, or maybe access is restricted for the time being.

Same old, same old.

I remembered the odd sense of excitement that I felt when I joined Steemit less than a year ago, back in September 2019. Now, 172 days and some posts later, I find myself at a juncture, to see that the platform which I've committed so much too is in the process of breaking apart.

I had thought that I would have some level of certainly when I joined, just a simple gig to share my thoughts, and to engage with strangers over the internet. Nothing weird then, and it's been a blast since then, having interacted with so many of you, and reading through your own journeys in life.

Not going to show my credentials, but what's a WIF?

I'm excited to see what's coming soon, as I'm still wondering as to how many people will be joining, and whether the whole process would be as seamless as I hope that it would be. I remembered back when I held Bitcoin long ago, until it forked to create Bitcoin Cash. Back then, I knew very little about cryptocurrencies, just a sense of enthusiasm.

When I logged onto my exchange, I found that I can convert my Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash, with an exact 1:1 ratio. It was rather odd, given that Bitcoin Cash at the time was worth significantly less than Bitcoin. Even if I wanted to do it out of principle, I don't think I could accept such a ratio. I'm having that same dilemma now.

I also heard that a lot of people are moving to HIVE out of fear for Steemit's centralisation. Since I don't write short posts, and I need to fill in this blank space, here's my two cents worth on that subject. Personally, while I like to champion the principles of decentralisation as the bedrock of our future, I have no problems with centralisation.

There's nothing inherently wrong with having a centralised structure to guide , and make decisive actions to serve the community as a whole. But with this whole Steemit issue, I get why people might be concerned. With interference in the governance, a politicking structure, and backroom power plays, there's fear over what may happen to Steemit's future.

I was never in tune with the internal politics of Steem anyways, so there's much that I never understood, as to why it needed to happen and the root causes that started all that. I might never find out what happened back then, and I feel that I don't need to.

The past is over, and it's something that we can't change or forget, just to forgive. Now, as we part ways, I'm sure there's a cause that we can remain friends, says the couple that broke up. Avoiding any cliches, I'd want us to be friendly with one another, between Steemians and HIVE-ians (?). The clock is ticking…

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