Artificial Intelligence predicts things days in advance.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers, complying with the rhythm of my publications today I will share with all of you how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help predict the future a few days in advance, these findings were made by the Pentagon who conducted tests through AI yielding positive results.

Many of us will wonder how it is possible to do this, because it all consists of gathering data that satellites, radars or submarines store and then share them in a cloud to be processed by a machine learning system and with the help of AI analyze and process them, this whole process can help predict some things that may happen in a few days. The head of the U.S. Northern Command, Glen VanHerck, announced that in July they had conducted some experiments with subordinates that allowed them to predict the future.

The cybernetic capabilities of satellites and radars allow them and the AI to analyze the data more quickly and store it in the cloud, all this research will allow the results obtained to reach the decision makers in order to make the best decision with no margin of error. The military personnel who participated in this experiment or research had all the necessary resources to be able to fully comply with the plan.


Among the resources available to the military was access to all available resources, including protected and common access communication lines, as well as radio, satellite and cell phone links. They even relied on commercial information from some of the Pentagon's partners that were not released, and all the information could be shared through the cloud in real time so that senior U.S. commanders could make the best decisions, said General Glen VanHerck.

In conclusion, all this development that the Pentagon has been able to make with artificial intelligence technology allows them to be one step ahead of all their adversaries, making it possible for them to solve problems before they arise. Undoubtedly the important advances that Artificial Intelligence is offering to humanity will allow us to improve many of our decisions, of course this information will only be available to the high military command of the United States.

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hello @carlir,
that artificial intelligence is able to predict the future is very scary, just imagine what will become of this technology in about 20 years if it falls into the hands of one of these powers that are oriented to communism, they could predict the consequences of applying certain punishments to the population and evaluate whether or not to apply them to maintain power, also depending on the results they can start wars for powers if they know in advance that they will win.

The potency of Artificial Intelligence is increasing as it gets more and more advanced. Now using AI to predict the future is somewhat fascinating. Maybe in the nearest future, people may be able to use AI for time travelling itself, who knows?

Nice piece buddy. Thanks for sharing

Hi @samminator, very true every day that passes the AI is getting even stronger by its constant advances, the important thing is that AI is always for the benefit of humanity.

Thanks for your comment my friend.

Everyday artificial intelligence keep improving just seeing this development now.

Greetings @jennyvic09, so is friend artificial intelligence keeps taking important steps in favor of our development.

Greetings friend @carlir, artificial intelligence, each time generates more and more scientific advances, in favor of an improvement in the lives of people, as well as those great advances in terms of security of the Nations to which it refers, thank you very much for your information.

Greetings friend @chucho27, certainly this technology every day brings us more and more different benefits that help us in all areas of our lives.

Now here is where AI can be better than humans, it's hard for humans to keep gathering data, analyzing it, and then come up with a decision, and this decision might not be the best decision to make since any human is capable of making mistakes.

This AI technology will give a huge step forward for any field using it since it will be faster and better decision-maker too, yet it has to be programmed very well to make such decisions but I believe that's not a big deal s long as it saves so much time and energy in future.

Thanks for sharing!

Greetings @lennyblogs, correct my friend the AI not having any feeling its decisions are taken based on the data obtained making the margin of error is minimal, in the military field will surely be of great help in making complex decisions.