Crypto adoption driven by blockchain gaming.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers, continuing with my cycle of publications today I will be sharing with all of you how the Non Fungible Games (NFT) are driving the world of cryptocurrencies, more and more users are entering this world of blockchain through games.

Recently, blockchain games have increased significantly and according to Elliot Wainman, an expert analyst on these games, this will become the engine that drives the use and adoption of digital currencies. These applications have become in recent months one of the most attractive variables of the blockchain ecosystem.

In the same way Elliot Wainman states that in his opinion these games are the only thing that is decoupled from the crypto ecosystem, because when a user plays a game he enjoys what he is doing and that has an intrinsic value that makes it different and gives it that extra value that generates a massive boost in its popularity. One of the most popular games at the moment is Axie Infinity, this game has a native token called Smooth Love Potion (SLP), the internal market of this game makes daily movements of approximately 27 million dollars a day.


Currently there are other games that along with Axie Infinity seek to grow in this blockchain world, among these games we can mention Crypto Blade, PLant Vs Dead and others that are already in their testing phase as Dragon Nary, no doubt these games will grow the adoption of digital currencies and therefore the growth of the cryptocurrency market, as more and more users are investing time and resources in these games, but also and I consider that the most important is that users are passionate about the games which generates its momentum.

In In conclusion, the games that are currently being born within the blockchain, seek to satisfy a significant number of users who are passionate about games and therefore this will make the blockchain continue its accelerated growth and more and more users will adopt cryptocurrencies, making the market have a greater movement and become stronger.

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I totally agree with you friend @carlir if last year was the year of the NFTs, this year is the turn of blockchain-based games, it is an environment that will surely be very successful and will continue to grow more and more, axie infinity I think is just the beginning , There are already a series of games, as you well mentioned, that are destined to become a rage on the blockchain since they mix two things that are currently very attractive, the generation of money and entertainment

Thanks for sharing this post with us !!!

I have seen a couple of blockchain games and I believe that, with the way crypto adoption is being achieved, we may see even more blockchain games. Not just games but we may see other recreation and entertainment brought to the crypto space.

Nice piece buddy. Thanks for sharing

Greetings @samminator, certainly the NFT games have gained a lot of ground in the nlockchain making the market for these games to revalue, let's hope it continues its growth.

Surely NFT games are making the crypto space more fun ive recently minted new NFT avatar from games which i can sell in NFT exchanges


Hi @mccoy02, certainly games are fun for many and for others a job but in the end they seek to de-stress people, in blockchain this translates into a way to have fun making extra with cryptocurrencies.

Greetings friend @carlir the Non Fungible Games (NFT) are cornering the Cryptocurrency market in an overwhelming way, I am because many people enjoy playing and also get paid for it, where the traditional games you spend money that never comes back to you, in these you invest money to capitalize more resources, being very striking for 2 worlds, players and people in the world of Cryptocurrencies, thanks for sharing this information.

Nft are popping right now, especially the games, games like cryptoblade, axie infinity and so on it is just amazing to play.

Hello, I find your post very interesting and I agree with your analysis about blockchain based games. Could you, according to your experience, recommend me one that pays well and does not occupy so many resources of my pc. I have a laptop with 4 megabytes of RAM. Thank you very much in advance.