Science and Technology influence in the 100 Mts flat.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this important community, taking advantage of the realization of the Olympic Games in Tokyo I want to share with you how science and technology have positively affected the records that have been set in each sport that is part of these games and especially in athletics, with emphasis on the 100 meters.

For no one is a secret in the London 2012 Olympic Games we could appreciate and enjoy one of the stars of athletics in the 100 meters flat race, if it is Usain Bolt, this super athlete in those Olympic Games broke the world record of the discipline with a record of 9.63 seconds, now that record is largely due to his physical conditions and ability to run but also science and technology played an important role in this new world record.

At present there are many runners who already have records over 9 seconds and this is thanks to the different scientific and technological advances that have been presented both in the clothing used by athletes as well as in the materials with which they develop the athletics tracks. One of the most important apparel in this discipline are the shoes they use, which are made with the highest technology, so much so that these shoes have an average weight of 150 grams.


Another important advance that has been worked on is the athletics track, which is designed with special material so that the running shoes have a better grip and thus the athlete has a better performance, unlike the tracks that were previously used which were made of dirt or grass. As we can see science and technology are part of the great feats that high performance athletes are achieving.

In conclusion, definitely science and technology every day continue to take giant steps towards the development of technologies that allow better performance of athletes of different sports disciplines in the world and especially the athletes of athletics who struggle every day to beat the records set and to be at the top of this sport.

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Very accurate and contextualized the information that you share with us friend @carlir, I have managed to observe that you have focused on the technological processes implemented at the time of the race, but we must remember that behind these there is a team where the condition is scientifically evaluated physical and mental of each runner or athlete, as well as the implementation of countless conditioning equipment with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to be in optimal conditions. Thanks for your input

science and technology every day continue to take giant steps towards the development of technologies that allow better performance of athletes of different sports disciplines in the world and especially the athletes of athletics

There's actually no doubt that science and technology has great impact in sport and without the implementation of science and technology which has made sporting events more interesting and easy for everyone.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️💕

I have been able to see on video how many athletes train with the help of technological equipment that helps them improve many things, especially how to improve their times, as you mentioned.

Greetings @lanzjoseg, certainly technology helps athletes to improve their personal bests in the competitions where they participate and will continue to improve over time.

Especially the development of new materials has had a positive impact on sports, because of the improvements they add to clothing and accessories, just as the soccer ball has become lighter and more spherical, in other sports the improvements have given us more specialized footwear for the discipline.

It is the help of science and technology that got us to the stage we are today with life. Talking about the impact of technology on Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we can see that the role it played on the track invent is massive. Not only that alone, it impact was on all spot that is being run in the olympics. I love the technology used on the track and field event and also the shoes used, so impressive and I know there is more improvement coming up.

Greetings @tfame3865, certainly there will be much more improvements that will help athletes to improve their performance in the psitas and therefore to continue breaking records and all thanks to science and technology.

As always our beloved technology, as they say, loved by many and hated by many.
The man in search of perfection has created a suit to his measure and technology is the fabric with which it is made, for better or for worse that suit works, and the one who knows how to wear and use it is the one who will win.

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Hello @topfivefamily, exclente definition better impossible, day by day man seeks to improve and the indispensable tool to do so is technology.

Thanks for your contribution.

We have seen science has made huge advancement in every field recently we have seen in this 2021 Olympic the use gps tracker for the rating the speed and of athelete on the trace which will give huge data for the betterment of the athelete.

Greetings @adityajainxds, of course it is essential in these times that science and technology provide solutions to many difficulties that have arisen in the sport, this will help to avoid errors of the judges. This GPS Tracker tool will allow the athlete to have accurate data and know where he can improve.

Greetings @carlir. No doubt that technology and science, advance in finding the best tools and mechanisms to make the life of the human being easier, and sport does not escape them. However, science, technology and man (in this case the athlete) must be combined so that these records can be given, as there are countries where their technology and science are very good but their athletes are not.
Thank you very much for sharing such an interesting publication

Greetings friend @dgalan, I think it is not that the athlete is underperforming, is that there are athletes who are above average, such as Usain Bolt in athletics, Michael Phelps in swimming, among many others, these athletes are almost super athletes and make the rest of athletes look very inferior, but they are high performance athletes and the fact of being in the Olympics proves it.

Thanks for your comment my friend.