A world in apparent connection and real disconnection

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Hello all my dear friends of Project Hope, today I would like to share with you some of the ideas about the use of technologies and the future of our planet earth that I have been developing for some time now.

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Currently, technologies and the new approach of big data allow us to think that we are all connected, and while it is true that we all have a lot of information of every human being living on the planet, we can access from a network to a large amount of data of someone's life as the big data raises when it speaks of all share information from the personal, work, economic, cultural and other aspects with everyone who has an internet connection.

However, this is a connection in appearance because from the depths of people are increasingly disconnected from their environment and those of others. This post is part of that reflection that I have been developing for some time now, not only in my own life but also based on the things that we can see daily in the news and in our own communities, even it is also inspired by the use we give to technologies from that question of whether we are really making them tools to build a better future?

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If we pay attention to our daily lives we can see how everything we do depends on technology, which to a great extent is an advantage to have tools that facilitate our lives, however, to what extent this use has transformed us into people who only think of their own space without considering that there is a world around us that depends on our interaction and not that which we can do through the networks, although I insist it is of great help, but that which is done in real life.

Today, when thousands of people worldwide die of hunger because they do not have the means and resources, when water is increasingly polluted in the planet, when species are exterminated because the hand of man has devastated their natural habitats, I wonder if we are really connected? Can we really feel in our lives the need to contribute from what we do so that the planet does not die? Nowadays we have technological resources that before were only a motive for science fiction movies and today the unthinkable has become a manifestation of the intelligence and the advances of the human being but I insist what is the use we are making of it.

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I believe that technologies should serve to transform what we ourselves with our efforts to be a superior race on the planet have destroyed, today we must be spokespersons for the thousands who have no way to communicate, we who every day have the opportunity to publish and be read can also do our bit in the awakening of the collective consciousness.



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Hi @emimoron

It is very true what you mention "A world in apparent connection and real disconnection", a couple of months ago I wrote something about this, and about the bad use we give to technology, it is impressive how we stop investing time in sharing with family and friends to be in frequent virtual connection.

Best regards, be well.

We are losing human interaction and we are now living in fantasy world, because most of the lifestyle we see on social media are fake. And we start trying to live such life and unable to meet up and get depressed. It's sadden!!

Hi @lupafilotaxia
I sometimes think that there are people whose lives are centered on the web who seem to not exist outside of it, and that is sad.

Social media are taking our very essence of us, humans, which is interaction. Social media is also a cause of higher divorce rate, because we get lost in the fake life and think that's how our life or relationships should be and that's hardly ever possible. Cinderella movies, are fantasy stories, but nowadays, girls are waiting and hoping a prince charming should take them, so whatever a normal guy should do, is not enough for them because he can't meet their fantasy. And we see happy couples on social media, and we expect our partners to do likewise, but most of those happy couples are faking it, because why will I be recording myself when I'm in a good moment. All fake, in the need to gain more followers

Exactly, our life is centered in the networks and although it seems contradictory to be having just this conversation through a technological platform, it is also contradictory that people being in the same spaces talk more by messages through social networks than in person. I have friends who have forgotten how to talk looking you in the eyes because they can't stand their cell phone ringing and not being able to see what's going on, that's really terrible and that's how we are educating future generations.