Avoid Giving Excuses

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It's always easy to give a very solid excuse for not achieving much. But we have to avoid this by all means possible. All we have to think at all times, is doing what needs to be done by you. Most times, we know what we have to do to make our future better, but we somehow let ourselves get distracted with some pleasures.

If you settle down to tell yourself the truth - assuming you've been saving all the money that you should have been saving, and making all the investments that you know within you that you should have been making - your life would have been a lot better today. The biggest problem we have is that most people don't even recognize that the issues that they face is as a result of some negligence on their own part.

The thing about giving excuses that is so unpleasant - is the fact that no matter how well you arrange the excuse, the job still remains undone. It's absolutely paramount that you prioritize getting the most important tasks done. You have to get to these important tasks early, if you postpone them, it's most likely that these tasks will end up not been done.

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What most entrepreneurs want to avoid are the sacrifices that go along with not giving excuses. But the error is not realizing that nothing of value can be achieved without making sacrifices. You may have to miss your favorites team's games, you may have to control your urges to spend income lavishly on fun things.

We must all really understand that - if making wealth was easy, there would have been a lot of wealthy people in the world. But as we know that's not the case. Creating wealth is really tasking, and one of the most common traits among successful businessmen is - getting the task done, and not giving any excuses.

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Hi @humor0404.
Giving an excuse to avoid a job or doing some activity simply delays us in the goals we want to achieve and more if our future depends on it. So it is better to avoid giving excuses and fulfill the pending things we must do.

In particular, I consider that instead of giving excuses, the best thing is to offer results, as you say instead of justifying what we did not do, the best thing is to occupy ourselves in doing what we know we should do. Excellent article @humor0404

Hi @humor0404 It is necessary to have perseverance to stop making excuses, even there are people who make them to live, besides ordering the ideas in such a way that allow us to have a chronogram of execution of the activities to be carried out, good post, greetings.