I'm ruined

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I wake up in the early morning, I am sleepless.

I enter a chat room to kill time and a group of exalted people are constantly repeating words like "This is ruin" "I'm ruined."

After saying hello, I ask what they are talking about and they tell me that they have invested a large sum of money in a cryptocurrency called Radium and it has fallen sharply.

I remember the stock market scandal of a few years ago and I continue to inquire, now curious, about the subject but there are few who wish to respond so I apply the old adage, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" and say that I am also concerned because I have made a million dollar investment in that currency.

As if I had practiced a magic act, everyone bombarded me with questions and I managed to dodge them as best I could, but something began to bother me.

Will I be ruined if the currency price does not rise?

As the minutes go by, hopeful voices are added saying.

-It's already going up.

It has actually increased in value by a few cents.

I get up and have a cup of coffee without sugar to lower my stress and go back to the novel marketplace that the chat room has become.

-If I were you, I would be on the verge of suicide, -says one of them.

-Sell before you lose everything -advises another.

-How much did you buy for? -says a third.

-At ten dollars, -I answer.

-Imagine and it's at 5 and falling, you've already lost half your investment.

Suddenly it's all coming at me.

I activate the calculator and start calculating the amount of money that has gone down the toilet because of a rumor that is what is causing the downturn.

I get a knot in my stomach.

The amount is more than a year's worth of my work.

I feel like I've been fleeced in a cheating casino.

No doubt I will need a shot of valerian if the cost of currency continues to fall.

-It has stopped falling, -writes one of them.

Suddenly a new member appears in the chat and writes to me.

-I buy as many as you have for $8.

I do a quick calculation and think:

"I'm only going to lose 20%, I'll sell them."

It is at that moment that I realize that I don't own any of those coins, that I don't even know them, and that I have let myself be carried away by the rhythm of the conversations.

I get up and have another cup of coffee without sugar.

I better go to sleep.

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Hello @josep1956!
Nice way to capture attention, I was really hoping to know what happened. Definitely in this world of cryptocurrencies we go through many emotions, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose or simply we are paralyzed and do not make any transaction because of the uncertainty of not knowing what can happen. The important thing is to take it easy and think well to make the best decision. Greetings!

Master !!, you captured in a short but very intense story the feeling of hysteria, despair and frustration that overwhelms many of those who invest in cryptocurrencies without having knowledge of the cyclical movements of the markets.

How many will have despaired seeing the BTC fall to less than 25K and then days later to see it rise to 64K and what will they say now that it is at 39K, will they still think that they are going to go bankrupt? Or will they understand that they are normal processes for which we must be prepared?

Excellent your story friend @j joseph1956

Greetings my friend, it is interesting how emotions, worry and frustration are contagious, especially when they are linked to bad news, and in this market you have to be very attentive to bad projects and even scams.

I was just reading all along to see the outcome and I am glad you realize you are on a safer side because you don't own the coin. But that aside hope the issue about Radium is not true? I will make research and get myself enlightened more. Nice post.

@tipu curate

When we invest in the crypto market we must have a good command of our emotions, because in my opinion it is a win-win but also a lose-lose situation as this is what moves the market. Good post

Hi @joseph1956

Thanks for sharing link to this post with me. For a moment I thought that it's post somehow related to your personal life. But it seem to be more of a fiction, isn't it?

I get a knot in my stomach.
The amount is more than a year's worth of my work.

Those kind of comparison shall never happen. We will either end up in state of euphoria or depressed. Both ways are simply bad.
Wouldn't you agree?

Cheers, Piotr

It is fiction but such reactions are common in people, especially those who do not yet understand the dynamics of crypto.