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  • what is Follow ?
    Follow is a vote system. It can help you automatically upvote steemauto.
    You can open from this URL:

  • What is posting authority?
    In the Steem blockchain, each account have different keys that let you access different parts of the account. One of these keys is the 'posting key' which can be used to post, comment, upvote, follow, and etc. When using a posting key you can't access an account's balances, so your funds are perfectly safe.

  • Why should I enter my password at
    We are using to broadcast the transaction which will allow to use your account posting authority. To broadcasting this (and any) transaction you will need to input your password. Of course, you can remove this access any time by clicking on 'Unauthorize' button in your dashboard.

  • Do you have any access to my account balance?
    No, Follow can only publish a post, upvote, follow, resteem. It can not access your account balance in any way.

How to use?

(1)Enter your steem username
Authorize by steemconnect,Authorize to "".
(3)Tick "When you done click here""

(4)If you have authorized,it will give you a password,You can use this password to login this system.

  • 4.Log in to the system, you can edit your list
  • 5.If you forget your password, please contact me to reset your password.
  • 6.If you do not want to use, please cancel the authorization by steemconnect.

and Welcome to use wallet :

If you like my work, please consider voting for me, thanks! type in maiyude and click VOTE

Alternatively, you could proxy to me via steemconnect if you are too lazy to vote!


什么是 Follow ?

Follow 一个类似于steemauto的自动点赞跟赞系统,你可以在这里设定给谁点赞或者跟赞谁,在对方发文后,系统会自动给予点赞。


Follow 安全吗?
Follow 使用steemconnect授权,全程不接触用户私钥,安全可靠。

Follow 可以转移我的财产吗?授权有资金危险吗?
不会,Follow 只有post权限,不能转账,只能发帖,点赞。你的资产是安全的。



在 steemconnect 授权posting 权限给 "".



  • 4.登陆系统,你可以编辑你的点赞列表

  • 5.如果你忘记密码,请联系我帮助你重置密码(这个密码只是在我这个系统使用,不影响你的STEEM账户)

  • 6.如果你不想使用了,只要自己取消授权即可。


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This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration03 is voting on same post multiple times when there is multiple users to follow and some of them vote on a same post.

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thanks,I will fix this bug

Can you reset my password?

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reset now.

You can click to register again

Thank you!