Kutubdia, a small island in Bangladesh

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The Virgin seabich, Bangladesh, is known to be a local tourist destination. Even if the water is not blue or a ripples like the Cox's Bazar, it's not so dirty.The roads are empty during the Friday afternoon or Eid break.The fishermen are fishing and the boats close to the shores of the crowd are busy fishing. Red crab reeds and seas near the coast of Coastgard, situated on that sea.
Qutubdia is one of the most famous reasons for it, one of the two power plants in the country, and the first wind power plant, but this qutubdia. It is also famous for its latifice fish. You live in the city of Dhaka-Chittagong, and every day you play a lot of ice on your face.But when you go back to qutubadia, you will see an enormous explosion.Another reason why qutubdia became famous is Malek Shah's shrine.There is also a lot of dirt and salt.
Since qutubdia is the island, it has three seas and qutabdia channel on one side.Main article: wind power Beach"Hotel luxury" in large shopping malls, bordered by Sundarbans. So you can go to the hotel and go to the beach.Be sure to be seduced by the sea from the roof of the sea.The roof you can use barbeque.We sat on this roof all night and spent the night singing and dancing to see the sea.
If you want to get wind power, the large market (Hotel Ocean) will drop the local mahedra from the side and drop the wind from the side.Pay per person. Wind power beach just near the power plant.
And you'll need research Mahendra to the Light House beach, which will be paid for money ২০০-৩০০. If you walk out of the beach next to the hotel, miles away, you will not see a man like a desert(except for two fishermen.))
Qutabdia is not far from Chittagong.The bushkhali Sea is seen from the fringe. If you want to go to qutubdia from Chittagong city, you can go two ways. New chandgao Thana (boardadhat) and S Alam bus from the movie palace. Rent gets paid.I am going to go to the bus station and go to the bus station.It's gonna take ২০-২৫ minutes.Speedboat also offers money for rent.After that, the local people will have to go to the main market of the capital market. Also every day at 6 PM/7 pm Chittagong the street from the trawler goes that the when the time will take 4-5 hours(he sickness to stay this way, to forget the name, also do not remove).
And if you would like to go to Dhaka, you would have to cut the Cox market ticket and cut off the chocolate.The money will then be paid to a local scene and to go back to the manguities of the minorities of the minorities of the minorities.
No electricity is available in kutubda so don't forget to take the power bank. The electricity is provided by the electricity from each evening to the night ১১. Then Mobile, Power Bank, laptop, camera can charge as you wish.
There are not too many hotels in kutubda. However, the sea luxury hotel that is the best hotel in qutobudia, where there is no single room.There's a double-bed room for each fare ১৫০০ money.The largest room where ১০-১২ can sleep easily(get extra pillows and bed).There are very few hotels for food.

Qutubabda is usually good to visit October to March.If you go back to sleep at night, it will be difficult.Or some of the portable fans can buy them in the market(price ২০০-১৫০০)\

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