Close Up Photo: Honeybee

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After waiting for the right time to catch the flying bee, I finally got one since I was still learning on capturing the flying subject with kit lens. It was indeed a small subject that made me stay focus on shooting. I came to know that catching the flying subject was not as easy as I thought, it has much to do with speed setting and the proper lens. So, I managed to get the result with the gears have.




CameraNikon D7000
CategoryClose Up Photography
ProcessedAdobe Lightroom 5
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Adalah hal tersulit mengambil foto lebah saat dalam posisi terbang, karena itu bisa mengganggu fokus, dan konsentrasi. Tapi gambar ini berhasil di ambil dengan sempurna, ia terlihat sangat indah.

Salut, dan patut di apresiasi 👍👍👍