A perfect day.

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September the 10. my wife and spent two great days in the mountains. Everywhere the colours had started changing og preparing for the coming season. Todays pictures is from the ride up a valley inward the mountain. We had to stop the car and enjoy the view a couple of minute.


The road goes to the mountain in the background where the starting point of the hike is located.



View down the valley from where we come.



Enjoy the valley in the north.

Best regards

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Que hermosas foro grafía. La naturaleza nos regala un sin número de bendiciones, como estos paisajes siniguales

Buenas tardes amigo @harkar deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia amigo. Lindo paisaje se nota que ese lugar hace alguito de frío porque la naturaleza se observa muy fresca. Feliz domingo amigo.

You again show a very extraordinary sight.
I really like places like this.

Seeing these picture, it looks like it is still warm and green, despite of being in the mid of October. Actually we also have relatively warm autumn. As always stunning views :)

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beautiful photos

Very impressive
God bless you