A taste of the coming winter.

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Some days with low temperatures in the lowland makes perfect conditions for the first snow on the peaks. Some pictures from todays hike. Luckily the clouds got away and we could ehh... for some reason enjoy the view of the snow sprinkled mountains.








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It's a beautiful landscape with a sprinkling of snow.
I really enjoy your pictures.
Because I will never feel snow like this.
Thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much.

Great. It's a very beautiful sight and place.
Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it.

Amazing photos...Cheers :)

Thanks :-)

Lovely views and sceneries. We don't get to see that here in the concrete jungle, in the tropics.

the view of the peak is very beautiful, I really like to enjoy this, the atmosphere is very cool, the more the camera light makes the camera more beautiful.

Thank you very much.

It is noticeable how the nature is changing, especially in North. I believe every day is different. Still Autumn remains beautiful season with a lot of colours. Hope you enjoying the last warm days :)

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Yes the autumn is definitely here now, have to enjoy as long it last. Thank you very much for the nomination to booming.