Autumn by the river.

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Stories from the north October 3.


A couple of pictures from todays walk with our dog Nero. Not a long trip, but he enjoyed running free in the forest and a bath in the river.


After a couple of days with lots of wind, most of the leafs is blown of the trees. The nature gradually losing colours. Still some left though.




I found som colourful red dots :-). Small mushrooms or lichen of a kind.


The moss keep the deep green colour among the dark trees.


Still fighting to keep the leafs.


Best regards

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Real beauty of autumn, like the leaves in water and running stream. Nero seems enjoyed swimming :)

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Still not to cold for a fresh baht 😄. Thank you very much for the nomination.

Gorgeous,fresh baht still enjoying it's summer it seems,a stunning fabulous photography clicks you shared herein

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful captures

Thank you very much.

Your photography is amazing.
This place is so beautiful.

Thank you. Glad you liked it.

You're welcome.

amazing landscapes

Thank you 😊