Sunny hike.

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Stories from the north, Kopparfjellet September 18. 2021.


Woke up early today, looked out the window, sun and blue sky. Guess what we did???..... Surprise, surprice...Hiking of course.


We enjoyed the sunny walk, quite windy but nice. The goal was a little peak called Kopparfjellet with an altitude around 911 m. above the sea level. The hike is 4,5 km up.




The wind was quite windy at the top so we skipped the coffee, only a short break.



The peak from a little distance.



Have a great day.

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Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.

Looks like an absolutely gorgeous day for a hike. 😊

yes it was :-)

Looking at the photos I can even feel fresh air and wind outside. Actually recently we have nice warm days it feels that you also have such warm days now. 4,5 km is quite a long distance but it might you for it is something routine. Really enjoyed your photography :)

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Thank you very much, we had almost an indian summer. Thank you for the nomination.

It's a very beautiful place.
I am very interested in seeing themes like this.
Thank you for sharing.

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

You're welcome.