The Prince.

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Stories from the north. August 2021.


On our hike, picking cloudberries a couple of days ago we came across this frog. He jumped from the grass and up on the tree. Quite willing to pose. He was also big, usually they are smaller.

Maybe it is a prince, shall I kiss the frog to free the prince, she said? No need for that I honestly said, you already got the prince.... ;-)




Have a great day.


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You don't have to kiss her,he is free and has been jumping here and there.
Thank you for sharing, this frog stands like he wants to pose, hahaha.


Hello @harkar, those photographs are very beautiful...
It really causes curiosity; Why did the frog want to pose?

I don’t think he wanted. Probably a rando place and luck for me😄

the frog is very unique, but the color of your photo shoot is very good, @harkar

Thank you. Glad you liked it 😊

Wonderful capture in photo #3!😊

Thank you for nice comment 😊

The frog got a photo shoot like a real model!

I got a little luck that he sat quite still for a minute 😊

Nice photos. Mr. Frog had his lucky day. He got rid of many responsibilities such as going to work and wearing clothes :D