Time for picking mushrooms....?

in hive-185836 •  11 months ago 

Stories from the north, August 28.


The first trip out in the forest looking for chanterelle is always exciting. How does it looks this year? Is it a good year with lots of mushrooms? While wonder about these things on our way to the secret mushroomsfield I enjoyed the walk and view of the changing colours in the surroundings. The beginning of autumn.









Apropo the mushrooms, I almost forgot in all the beauty around me......

Grovfjord a.jpg

Todays catch :-)
Better luck another day...

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Hmm, not bad catch.😳😀 What about the rains? ☀️🌤

Great weather, doesn’t matter there was little mushrooms ☀️

Yes, on warm days it's nice to just take a walk.

photography is very beautiful, the atmosphere at the foot of the mountain is very natural, it's really amazing, I like to enjoy, @harkar

Thank you 😊

Where have all the mushrooms gone?!
Some UFOs got them all. LoL

Or still under earth 😊

Hope your trip is pleasant and you also get mushrooms in this place.

Pleasant and maybe more to find within a couple of weeks

Yeah. I'll be waiting for the next beauties at your place.

Beautiful scenery. But it doesn't look a place where you can find many mushrooms. Maybe I am wrong.

Thank you. Earlier year when good condition I have picked looots of mushrooms in the area. Mabybe too early or too could summer….😊