Wet morning in the swamp

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Stories from the north October 31.

Misty morning.jpg

Yesterday we was out in an area with swamp and lots of water after days with rain. During the night the fog had covered area. When we arrived the fog slowly disappeared. The light was beautiful, reflected in millions of water drops on the grass and trees. The mood was magic. Hope you enjoy a the wet swamp in the north.

Misty morning-3.jpg

Misty morning-2.jpg

Best regards

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Morning fogs are common in October. The reflection of the drops is always fascinating. Was your dog with you on the walk?

Amazing atmosphere! Just like in a fairy tale! Anything can just appear in the morning most! LoL

Wow, the weather is really been changed since your last post. I hope that it was at least dry :)

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Wonderful images, @harkar. Beutiful nature scenery. It must have not been easy walking in and around the swamp.

Your photos are views that we would like to send our best wishes to our most loved ones, like postcards :)

Wow, that is some strange place. Thanks for sharing!

Buenos días amigo deseo que se encuentre bien y que reciba una feliz navidad.

Wish you a peaceful Merry Christmas.

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