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My exercising trail.

Exercising ? I don't like to exercise it is boring. Bur for a well grown man ir is important wit a certain amount of activities. I try to take an half an hour walk every day, not more, you know I don't like exercising. For me the best training is work. Follow me on my trail.

The path goes down through the forest.



Down to the sea.

A bit along the shore.

Tracks from a sea otter.

More forest.

The turning point on a beach.

I found I found an old sinking stone used on fishing nets, a treasure to take home.


Picture from one of my days in the north.



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Nice walk in the snowy forest! The sea view is wonderful. The red houses beside the sea with the hill in the background are beautiful. (5th and 8th photos)

The old sinking stone is amazing. It's a good idea that you used it for the candle base...

All photos are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Thank's so much @tangmo for pleasant comment.

You are much welcome! ;)

a very beautiful snow scene my friend

Thank's @taillah for comment .

You're welcome, how are you there, is it healthy

amazing view full of snow, very cold, different in our area which is so hot, have a nice day @karja

Thanks @masril for pleasant comment.

You're welcome, I also thank you @karja

I,ve found such one)


about 1m around

Very nice, pretty much the same design. thank's for attention @mister-omortson.