Girls and horses.

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At my friend Eriks farm.

Girls and horses seem to fit together, at least here in the north.The girls take good care of the horses, and the reward is rides on horseback as much as they want.






Ready to go.


My friend, the horseman has several beautiful horses and trains them for horse racing.


Here they go for a ride, a nice view.



Some pictures from a cosy day at the farm.



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The horses are very beautiful. I especially like the 8th picture, the horse's eye is really cute and looks funny!

It's great that "the girls take good care of the horses, and the reward is rides on horseback as much as they want".

I absolutely agree with you, it looks like a cosy day at the farm with wonderful scenery, indeed.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Thank's so much @tangmo for nice comment .

My pleasure! ;)

You are right, girls and horses, there is some magic that is perhaps in their DNA. Even when the girls little they automatically love the toy-horses. The pictures are great and it is nice to see that they are happy not only to ride but work in stall :)

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Thanks so much @stef1 for pleasant comment.

Wow! These are nice and big horses! Riding among nature is wonderful.

Thank's @kaminchan for comment .

This is a good thing. I also love horses, and I hope that I will have even a small farm where I will learn in the future

Thanks @lfgiaa for comment.

Wonderful photos. My daughter loves horses too.

Thank you @offgridlife.

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Hello @stef1. We have problems, seem-auto doesn't work properly. 15 min delay it's to much. @harkar found a new one,, we have used this one for some weeks. Not the best one, many double votes that means zero in curation rewards. but now it seems to be closed. Hopefully it will be opened again. I know there is one or two more out there we can not find them. My be @pixelfan manage to create a new one.

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Sounds good, thank's @sef1 for information,

I think understanding and nice bounding between both I am seeing in pictures.

This looks cool. I always used to ride Andadlusian horse in my grandpa farm

Están muy bien cuidados, qué bellos ejemplares, me atrapó la fotografía número 4 muy buena toma. Saludos @karja.